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The human body and its brief characteristics

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The human body and its brief characteristics
We all know that our body is a complete system. And the performance of our body depends on our actions. Every day we consume food and drinks are different and it is important to know that after that happens to our body and what happens to all these products. We can imagine the body as a factory where you want to put the food that she has developed. Why do need water and food for our body? And all to the body's cells are shared, so that we receive the necessary energy for a variety of actions and movements of the body.

If you go into the consideration of human evolution, we can see some interesting facts about it. If you take the first people in the development process, they not infrequently died from internal injuries and various diseases, because at that time there were no such diagnostic tools such as X-rays. Still, who managed to live to old age still lived long enough. It is mated to the fact that the ecological environment has been much better and avoid injury if - you can live a long time. For many years, it began to appear first foundries. It's time to production era. As a result, human life is reduced.

What can we say about our time? We now know about all this. All what we have been taught from childhood, parents, regularly brush their teeth, wash their hands, and many others, we are fulfilling. And adhering to these habits, we better have been struggling with pollution on a global scale. Can notice how much time has passed since the appearance of the first plant, and until this time. But all the factories are still working properly, and continue and continue to pollute the environment. Nowadays medicine is highly developed and is able to save us if we get sick. But that's the whole point, almost all of our chronic diseases. Ever since childhood, we get all our sorrows and they end with death. Swordsmen said that before the death of 150 years - a violent death.

All these ideas were relevant at the beginning of the industrial revolution, well, now it has become a factor hindering development.

21.01.2014 02:25
По легче,во все болячках мы виновны сами,из-за того,что мало времени уделяем себе...Наше лень и занятость нас же и губит,а вы смахиваете все на прогресс,чушь...Спорт,правильное питание,гигиена делают здоровым тело и дух)
16.01.2014 21:00
Согласна, в экологически чистую местность не каждый готов переселиться, современным людям сложно отказаться от цивилизации.
Нужно помогать своему организму, использовать накопленные человечеством знания. Многие болезни можно предупредить и лечить щадящими народными методами. Возможно, тогда люди будут дольше жить.

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