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Purification of water. Shank Prakshalana

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Purification of water. Shank Prakshalana
Water - is life, say the sages,
Adoption is indisputable.
Today, guys, the water festival
Do not be ashamed to celebrate.

In 1993, there was an unusual holiday calendar, the Day of water resources. Celebrating its 22 March. Thus, the UN General Assembly decided to draw people's attention to the problems of development and conservation of water resources. So do not think about the cleaning ability of water in a day, it would simply not forgivable.

Have you ever thought about why we so little drink of water? I don `t want? We do not feel it taste? Meanwhile, about its benefits is silent now just lazy. We've learned that if you want something, it is something tasty. And very often, when our body wants water, we drink coffee or tea, or even eat a muffin. And when thought about cleaning procedures, we make tasteless expensive cocktails. And here at home, I decided to wash the floor, we just typed a bucket of water. Same with the windows machine, dishes because we do not wash their tea or soup. Then why do not we use for our health is simple and cheap way to cleanse? Daily drinking 1.5 - 2 liters of clean water, we thus take care of their health. In this case, it would be great if you start and finish the day just a glass of water! Besides the water is still and magical properties! After all, how else to say that she is able to store and transmit information, can be 'Alive', 'dead' saint.

The method of purifying water Shank Prakshalana

Here is a partial list of ailments and diseases from which will help you get rid Prakshalana:
• Stomach ulcers and other intestine (duodenum, etc.)
• Diseases of the liver (cirrhosis, etc.)
• Cancers
• Dysentery
• Infections of the genitourinary system
• Diseases of the kidney and spleen
• Skin diseases
• Displays worms
• Clears fecal stones and fecal stagnation
Before treatment, consult your doctor.

Preparation for

The procedure is best done in the morning and not to build other plans before the end of the day. Obligatory fasting. You will need 3 to 5 liters of clean, pure water. Desirably until it boiled and add warm salt 1 tablespoon per total 1 liter of water. Optionally the water can drain, in order to get rid of pebbles and brine. It is desirable that the water was very salty, even better to overdo than insufficient salting, it will limit its absorption in the stomach and intestines, and let the water directly to the outlet, washing the entire gastrointestinal tract in its path.
In the evening before the procedure is better to give up dinner and lunch prefer something light, certainly not potatoes with meat.

Technique Prakshalany

is recommended to do an enema, this is especially true for those who are doing it for the first time before the start of the procedure.
All exercises are performed 4 times, can be up to 8 times if desired.

1 exercise. Tilts to the side.
The goal - to open the pylorus, push the water into the duodenum.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel. Palms together, hands over his head. Making the slopes to the left and to the right.

2 exercise. the body turns.
The purpose - to push the water into the small intestine.
Initial position as in the first exercise. Hands in front of you. Right hand bend at the elbow and put the right hand on the left shoulder. Turn body to the left, while watching the fingertips of his left hand. We return to the starting position, change the position of your hands and make a turn to the right. Exercise is carried out intensively and without interruption.

3 exercise. Turns ups lying.
The goal - to push the water through the small intestine.
Please stop lying, as in the push-ups. Look forward and up, back bend over backwards shoulders up, the pelvis down, but not touching the floor.
Left Turn your head and shoulders are straight, and look at the heel of the right foot. By doing this exercise, we draw in the abdomen, and that has the effect of pushing the water. Repeat in the opposite direction.

4 exercise. Squeezing water out of the stomach.
The goal - to hold the water by the colon.
Squatting feet in 1.5 - 2 times wider than shoulder width. Hands apart. With the squat, turn left, deploying both feet 90 degrees to the left. Right knee at the same time bringing to the floor, the thigh should put pressure on the abdomen.

The procedure for performing Prakshalany

First, we drink 2-4 glasses of water and at a fast pace do all 4 exercises.
Then drink 1 glass of water and repeat all four exercises.
As a rule, the water can start to go through the rectum after the 4-5 cup, but sometimes you need to drink 8 glasses.
Continue to drink water and exercise as long as the water will not go to the net.
To complete prakshalanu, stop to drink water and continue to do the exercises a few approaches to bring all the water.
Then drink 2 glasses of pure water and induce vomiting, close to the pylorus.
What should I do if I can not Prakshalana
To begin, take it easy. We need to understand where water is stuck and do the exercise with this phase. Sometimes it can arr

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