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Removal of the birthmark on the chin. Ekaterina Zheldakova

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Removal of the birthmark on the chin. Ekaterina Zheldakova

My birthmark appeared in childhood. Over time, it has become more and it gives me discomfort. It clings to the high collars.
I'm afraid to hurt her.

When I heard about Stefalin's ointment, I did not immediately decide that I would delete it. For a long time, she watched people who, with the help of this remedy, removed moles. When I was already brave enough, I told Larissa that I was ready.

Removal of the birthmark on the chin. Review of Ekaterina Zheldakova

All the same before the removal was afraid, tk. For some reason believed that it was dangerous to disturb a birthmark. Naturally on the Internet a lot of different articles that it is harmful and can lead to a fatal outcome. Here I want to say a special thank you to Larissa, who enlightened me on this matter. She told me about the nature of the origin of moles, what it really is and how dangerous or not dangerous it is to remove them.

Removal of the birthmark on the chin. Review of Ekaterina Zheldakova

For the first time I minted my birthmark with Larissa ointment, showing how to do it.

Removal of the birthmark on the chin. Review of Ekaterina Zheldakova

Birthmark smeared under the instruction. Of course, she was still a little afraid. Fought with fear. Mole swelling of course, tingling at the time of applying ointment. After about 4 days, the tumor was asleep and the first crust appeared.
After she was removed, there was a break for a while and then I again applied the ointment for several days.

A month has passed. In the photo you can see what remains of the birthmark.

Removal of the birthmark on the chin. Review of Ekaterina Zheldakova

I want to say this: the ointment is good and does not do any harm at all. Everything is very simple.
Several times you smear and see what's happening and how.

So. Another month passed after my last photo. This is how the place now looks like, where there was a birthmark.

Place on the chin after removing the birthmark with ointment Stefalin. Review of Ekaterina Zheldakova

Grishina Tamara
11.01.2017 15:20
We are frightened that moles cannot touch. Is it really so?. .. It seems to me you can't listen to ' old wives ' tips-Let's say dressing thread. Like scratching, trying to peel-clearly not! It's dangerous and fraught with contamination not only against moles. But to trust modern medicine I would dare. If medicine has reached such complex operations like heart and kidney transplant, the moles for physicians at all nonsense. Long ago invented a tool that we see on the positive example of this girl. The truth is she cute birthmark. But if it messes up her life and prevented fully perceive its beauty-why not delete.
11.01.2017 14:31
It can be seen that the ointment is of high quality, thanks for the recommendations. Now I know what to do in such cases. I'm glad that more operations are not needed, which I'm incredibly afraid of.
11.01.2017 11:34
I perfectly understand the girl, at most there is a large mole, which sometimes brings discomfort. Although it can be seen that the result of this method is positive and effective. However, I will not be original in my opinion, I think, should at least consult a doctor. And alas, it is now clear that there will be a chin on the chin, though not large, but a scar forever.
11.01.2017 07:31
Wow effect. Birthmark resolved, we can say samoudalilas. I also have a few moles on the body, I do not like. Need to try
11.12.2016 11:27
Really very impressive result, but still with photo examples, pre-post, but before removal, as for me, it is better to consult a doctor, just a good, but not to those who tuned just to pull a lot of money. After all, it does not say some of the funds, including people, are much more effective than some doctors. Yes various horror stories about this very much, so I was intimidated by this, although this detail is very concerned about.
I want to share my experience. I had a similar case. I am a young girl, as they say, at the very dawn of forces, but a very complexed about moles that worried me since childhood. I was right on her cheek and brought a certain discomfort when putting on clothes, and school classmates over this often joked that it was too unpleasant to touch and I was very afraid of her. Unfortunately, parents are not paying attention to this 'little problem', but when I reached adulthood, I was determined to get rid of it. Read a lot about it on the Internet, but first decided to consult with a doctor, he prescribed me what the drugs that I had to take before the removal, but when I came the next time that it is not pleasant to him again, and the money for each session he took regularly, and quite good. Generally it made me suspicious and I decided to replace the doctor, after a visit to the new, he gave me several options for removal of moles, it was surgery or various drugs. The first option I threw at once, because it is very afraid of that, so threw his sights on drugs and traditional methods of treatment such as I stood on Stefalin preparation. Read a lot about it, and about the effects of interventions, but finally decided. I did everything according to instructions, when the mole start swell, I'm not a little frightened, but set yourself in a positive way and the mole started to darken and slowly dry up in a few days. I was very pleased with it, for three weeks I have remnants of moles have disappeared, and this place was a small footprint, which was not at all noticeable over time.
Result So I was very happy, I can cheat yourself, but life then became a little more intense and the representatives of the male began to pay me more attention. After all, except for the mole, I had also a psychological complex, which I also got rid of.
Elena Titova
10.10.2016 18:20
At most all over the body a lot of moles on the face including just like you on the chin, but on the other hand. Birthmark on his face I do not give rest and visually it looked nice and I do not because it is very complexed. And as the mole gives me terrible discomfort and I was not wearing a sweater with the neck like a collar hooked on a mole. I was looking for a suitable story and came across this article, which impressed me and so close to me in spirit.
Pro ointment Stefalin I've heard many times, but also a little afraid to use it. I read this article and am very happy for the girl who still took a chance and tried to apply this ointment. Once seen effective results after applying the ointment, ointment and then decided to buy itself and follow the instructions.

I am very grateful for the detailed video review, which will relieve many of the pesky moles that do not allow people to live fully. I followed the instructions and after applying the ointment in the same month was a huge pleasant shock when a mole just disappeared. I never would have thought that some kind of ointment and without surgery and completely safe method.
Once again very grateful for such a good and honest review I wish the best of luck to the author!
10.09.2016 20:02
I'm also very afraid of deleting, although there is one birthmark to be removed! You are clever, that you have made up your mind!
11.08.2016 08:43
But I'm always wary of this kind of means to remove moles and other entities. But Stefalin really helps, check for yourself. Remove moles at the waist.

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