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Methods for cleaning the face

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Methods for cleaning the face
Or for a woman is not a secret that for beautiful and healthy skin needs care, especially purification. Every day, our face is exposed to stress such as wind, dust, dirt, UV rays and other unpleasant factors. That is why the skin pores become clogged, and as a result, it appears acne acne, aging skin and dark. It clogged and no longer has the ability to 'breathe.' The only way out is precisely the facial cleansing. Thanks to her, the skin is cleansed from dirt, dead skin cells and sebum, becomes beautiful and youthful appearance.

No wonder the person cleaning occupies one of the highest levels among other cosmetic procedures. After cleansing your face go not only acne and black spots, but also acne. This procedure is a must for women who respect themselves and appreciate their beauty to those who love to care for themselves, and another major plus facial treatment is its accessibility, almost all who care about their skin. First of all, the price will depend on the method of cleansing the skin.

This procedure can be of several types: manual, mechanical, vacuum, laser and ultrasonic, atraumatic to cosmetic preparations. As with other cosmetic procedures, they have their own principles. Let us consider each of these in more detail.

Manual cleaning of the face

It is considered the most effective and profound method of cleansing the skin. It can be applied to persons with any type of rashes and problem skin. It looks like this: cosmetologist to steam the skin, preparing it using special preparations. Then, comedones and other inflammatory elements are removed her hands, wrapped in a sterile towel.

Mechanical cleaning of the skin

is similar to the manual, but it has a few small differences. To remove acne, acne and other skin rash, use a special spatula, and a skin soothing mask necessary for the skin. They have both antiseptic and drying effect of the pores. It is also very popular, and take place in all beauty salons.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

As it becomes clear from the name, the removal takes place by means of ultrasound. This method is painless eliminates acne, acne, blackheads, horny scales and smoothes fine lines. This method is particularly suitable for people prone to allergic reactions, because he practically has no contraindications and is hypoallergenic. In addition, during this procedure the micro massage the skin. It allows you to achieve high results, has a rejuvenating effect and is one of the most popular.

Vacuum cleaning

is carried out using a special apparatus. He pulls all the dust and dirt from the skin. Improves its microcirculation.

Laser cleaning of the skin

This is the most modern method of skin treatment. It allows you to get rid of various defects on the face, it can be both spots and scars. It can help you not only remove all unnecessary items from the skin, but also prevent the appearance of new lesions. after laser clean face normalizes oily skin, it becomes soft and velvety.

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