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We invite customers to leave comments on the site

Published: 6 марта 2016 Просмотры: 868
We invite customers to leave comments on the site
We declare a long campaign for our customers who have previously used the ointment Stefalin and wish to participate in the website development and promotion of traditional medicine - ointment Stefalin. It is about writing comments on this website. Naturally Comments are paid. We really appreciate the time given to you.

In chapter consultations Hundreds of people are asking questions about the deletion process. . That's right here need high quality comments, namely, the experience of people who have already solved their problem.

How to start writing comments Paid?

How to start writing comments Paid?

To participate in this promotion you must:

1.Submit your request to which specify full name that you used when ordering ointments and attach a photo of your face (size should be at least 200 px in height and 200 px wide). The application can communicate, how much time per week you can devote time to this task. Based on this cost will be calculated for your comments.

When ordering online, every customer personal account was created, where you can see the history of your orders. So is there an opportunity to see its cash balance, we will credit the customer for the comments on the site.

For this money you can buy the ointment for yourself or a friend or make a request for withdrawal, specifying the details for this payment.

We pay special attention to that payment for comments will only be valid customers (pre-approval, we naturally check customer orders in the presence of the base).

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