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Yakut field

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Yakut field
Якутка является однолетним растением из семейства Крестоцветных. Ее рост достигает 20-80 сантиметров. Стебли растения могут быть прямыми, а могут ветвиться. Листья имеют продолговатую форму и стреловидно-зубчатое основание. Белые цветки состоят из четырех лепестков и собраны в соцветия. Плоды якутки представляют собой продолговатые стручки крупных размеров. В этих плодах находятся семена.

Flowering plants begins in mid-spring. Jakutka occurs in Russia, Siberia, the Caucasus, the Russian Far East, and Central Asia. In the dikorastushhem form can be found in fields, meadows, forest area.

Jakutka field belongs to a class of annuals. The plant stalk straight and low, elongated leaves, sessile. The flowers are white, yellow shades are concentrated in inflorescences. The fruits represent a rounded flattened pods. Jakutka field grows in the temperate zone. It can be found almost everywhere: in gardens, fields, roads. The plant is used for medicinal and food uses. To do this, use the flowers, leaves, stem, seeds.

Collection of Yakut Field

Leaves only a blossoming plants are extremely rich in vitamin c. they contain useful substances such as flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids. The seeds are a "storehouse" greasy and mustard oil, thioglycosides sinigrina. For medical purposes is accepted to prepare as fruit and herb jakutki. The fruits are collected in late summer-early fall. Harvesting herbs is done during flowering plants.

Drying spend on rules: raw material is laid on the fabric in a well ventilated area, the layer should not be thick. Dried plant can be stored up to one year, while observing the rules of storage: keep in a tight-fitting container.

raw collection period lasts from May to August. Drying produce in the traditional way: lay on a piece of cloth on the great outdoors in the shade or in a room that you can ventilate. In this period the official medicine is studying the properties of plants. Study relate to the ability to use jakutku field in the production of drugs that can help in atherosclerosis, eye inflammation and constipation.

Yakut field in folk medicine

Traditional medicine has long known the healing properties of plants. It is used to prevent problems associated with the reproductive system, male or female. Solutions Yakut taken by mouth, have antifebrile, diuretic, anti-inflammatory agent.

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