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Acetic acid

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Acetic acid
Acetic acid is a colorless liquid that has a sharp smells sour taste.
First acetic acid was obtained by the Arab Alchemist Dzhabiros Ibn Hayyan by distillation. Later, acetic acid began to receive using the method of sublimation acetatov of some metals (mainly copper acetate were used).

as you add water in acetic acid, it changes its properties. This led to an erroneous view of the chemists that acid from wine and acid, obtained from acetatov different substances. The French chemist Pierre August Ade and the German alchemist Andrea Libavius in XVI century showed that acid derived in many ways identical.

Acetic acid has several variations: vinegar essence is 70-80% aqueous solution of acetic acid, vinegar is 3-9% solution.

The scope of this product is very extensive: in the food industry, at home, in the manufacture of medicinal and odoriferous substances, in publishing and dyeing, in laboratories.
acetic acid has a sharp, irritating odor, therefore it is sometimes used instead of ammonia, to withdraw from the human unconscious state.

solution of acetic acid, which exceeds 30%, can be dangerous for health. When inhaling fumes it causes Burns of the upper respiratory tract. About a 20-minute ml of this solution is a lethal dose in applying into.
way of getting acetic acid does not affect its toxicological properties.

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