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Sundew alpine

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Sundew alpine
Sundew Alpine-entomophage plant are small in size. Is the socket of radical leaves and flower stalks in height about 15 cm and nitevidnoe thin Rhizome. The leaves are arranged on separate Shanks, the length of which is several times greater than the length of the sheet wafers. The leaves have rounded shape, their width is about 1 cm. On the edge of each sheet are stebel'chatye blades length of approximately 0.5 cm at the tip which can be see brilliant, a bit sticky liquid. similar blades are across the top of the worksheet. From the side it looks like a plant covered with drops of dew. This is why the name "Jacob".

When insect sits on a leaf, hairs bend, thus capturing its prey. When this produces a special enzyme, and is "digesting" the insect. At the end of this process the hairs once again revealed the remains of the victim and blows away the air flow. It seems that the leaves of the plant are painted in red. This happens because of the presence of pieces of iron.

What is the sundew?

Flowers plants are arrows at the end of which there are racemose inflorescences of small white flowers. Calyx deeply quinquepartite color and has a tubular-bell-shaped. Sundew plant flowers in late summer. Then the fruit is in the form of capsules with a large number of seeds.

Territory sundew collection

Collect sundew in marshland mainly in Central Siberia, especially in the Baikal Region.

Where to apply?

Grass sundews are widely used to treat diseases such as tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, croup, hemoptysis. The plant has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antipyretic effect and also normalizes digestive processes. Widely used in diabetes. To prepare an infusion of sundews, with 5-10 g herb Cup boiling water.

Should be Taken before meals on the dining room teaspoonful 3 times a day. Use also alcohol infusion. Just ripped off the plant helps to get rid of corns, warts, freckles and used as a wound-healing agent.

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