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Agrimony, or burdock-the representative of the family Compositae. His homeland feel Mediterranean. In nature there are about 11 species of burdock. The geography of its distribution is very extensive. It grows throughout temperate Europe and Asia, found in North and South America, Japan and the British Isles.

burdock root is rich in starch, protein, polysaccharides, essential oils, organic acids, carotene, pectin, vitamins group b, e, D, minerals etc. Roots is just a fount of useful items.

Properties of thistles

The leaves and stems of the plants are not less rich in medicinal properties, they contain large amounts of biologically active substances, essential oils, ascorbic acid.
Even the seeds are useful in the form of share arktiina and essential oils.

Why use burdock?

In many countries, burdock use in cooking. For cooking take roots, leaves or shoots. Leaves and shoots are eaten fresh, they are added to salads, and roots-boiled.
Burdock is very demanded in the folk and official medicine. Curative properties possess roots, leaves and tops of thistles. Common folk remedy is herbal potion from leaves of a plant. It helps eliminate bowel disorders, relieve joint pain, improves health status in diabetes, kidney problems, liver, a bilious bubble. The fresh leaves have antipyretic and wound healing action. Widely used infusions and decoctions of burdock root: for the treatment of rheumatism, gout, skin diseases such as eczema and Furunculosis.


Agrimony is the raw material for the production of medicines in the official medicine. Drugs have a broad spectrum of action: diuretic, sudorific, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, tonic. With the full impact of the medication on the basis of the Thistles is prescribed for diseases of various body systems.

In addition, research has helped establish that lignanovyj aglycones arktigenina included with burdock, can have an impact on the tumor, and it gives hope in the fight against cancer.

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