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Aspen common

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Aspen common
Aspen vulgaris belongs to the family of willow. Its trunk is framed by a smooth gray bark and wood is white with a slightly greenish tinge. tree leaves are rhombic or round shape, small size flowers, gathered in catkins. Propagated plant seeds. Growing aspen wood is considered, its height can be up to 30 m, and the average age ranging from 80 to 90 years.

Geography growing

Aspen prefers temperate and cold climates, which is why spread to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. It can be detected in mixed forests and homogeneous - it is capable of forming aspen. Soil type does not really matter, but wet suits best.


Aspen is widely used for decorative purposes and decorates gardens, squares and parks. Wood is used for the production of plywood, materials for roofing, matches. Aspen logs suitable for housing construction.

Tree very familiar to all beekeepers: it is considered medonosnym, resin, which is extracted from the kidneys, processed by bees in propolis. In the winter season Aspen is an important source of food for the inhabitants of the forest.
Wood cooking has not been spared: Aspen branches used for smoking and cooking the marinade.

Medicinal properties of aspen

Aspen refers to medicinal plants. In folk medicine mainly used the bark and buds of the plant. When fevers and various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract make decoctions of the bark of the tree. When adnexitis insist ash Aspen. Extracts from the kidney are recommended for cystitis, prostate adenoma, diseases of the joints.

Tree leaf juice is used for lubrication of warts and herpes. Minced kidney Aspen are used in the preparation of ointments, which contribute to healing for bruises, ulcers, hemorrhoids.

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