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Celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) belongs to the family of the poppy is a perennial herb.
It has a ribbed rigid stem height up to 1 meter, with sparse bristles, which are branched herbaceous shoots with pinnate leaves. Flowers are yellow, are located at the tips of stems, growing a few pieces in the inflorescence. Milky juice, the air gets an orange tint.

Territory celandine collection.

Grows in temperate band in Russia, Ukraine and a number of Mediterranean countries, in America, in the mountainous swath of Kazakhstan, in the far East. This unpretentious herb actively expands under the fence, fills the vacant lots, neudobja, acts as a weed in the garden

Is a poisonous plant, the official medicine is used as an external tool. In composition as the aerial parts and root, includes more than 20 alkaloids that have local irritant effect, in large doses can cause cramps and short-term drug intoxication. Celandine in structure contains several organic fatty acids, some trace elements and smolopodobnyh substances.


Widely known antibacterial property of celandine juice, its Antitumor effect lets you apply the grass when dealing with warts, papillomami, skin neoplasms. The juice perfectly copes with fungal infections. Solution on the basis of Chelidonium majus l. is an antiseptic, good helps with trauma injuries to the skin, analgesic and disinfectant action.

Broth of herbs used in folk medicine against stomach ulcers, in cholecystitis. A scheme for people's treatment of cancer stage IV, which is based on the use of celandine. This plant has a bacteriostatic effect of tuberculosis. In low concentrations it has a soothing effect. Used against Seborrhea.

Solution of weak concentration helps with inflammation of the gums of various natures, as local therapy for healing of cervical erosion.

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