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Anemone buttercup

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Anemone buttercup
Frog Potion, zhabnik - as soon not call anemone buttercup. The name of this plant is not got nothing. Before spawning frogs are showing great interest in the anemone Goldilocks.

What is this plant?

A small herbaceous perennial that has a well-developed Rhizome, naked stem, leaves on long chereshkah, yellow five-petal flowers, which superficially resemble flowering Buttercup
active growth and bloom falls on April and May months when in the forest where the ljutikovaja Anemone grows a lot of sunlight. It was during this time that make collecting medicinal plants, because after blooming the leaves on the trees, the plant turns yellow, wither and new shoots with leaves and flowers emerge from the living rhizomes only next year.

Anemone Anemone sylvestris pleases look large white pjatilepestkovym one, in a rare case of two flowers.

Place anemone collection

Find anemone buttercup can be in the Ural forest, Siberia, the European part of Russia, in the Ukraine. There's a medicinal plant is hiding in the bushes.

The composition of plants

Included in the plant Glycoside and camphor, ranunkulin help for pain and spasms of various origins. When receiving drugs from Anemone ljutikovoj die harmful bacteria, you can stop the bleeding, successfully treated asthma, rickets, pertussis. Uterine bleeding in endometriosis, miome, fibromatoze, malignant tumors of the uterus, breast, urogenital system are treatable with medication, which include anemonin. This substance is obtained from Anemone ljutikovoj. Even where powerless chemotherapy, the drug brought relief and improvement of the patient.

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