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Remove papilloma

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Remove papilloma

Remove papilloma. Do I have to?

The impact on the human papilloma virus marked the emergence of benign neoplasms.

Papillomas often confused with moles. So they are similar in appearance. It may be small, discreet buildup, and can be a major education up to 3 cm. Affected 'attack' mainly the armpits, neck, groin, knees, elbows and even the skin around the eyes.

Anyone who pays attention to their health, appearance will not wait for the further spread of the disease.

Remove papilloma or leave alone?

While papilloma and benign tumor, but it can progressively spread throughout the body. Experiencing some discomfort and problems associated with the emergence of a papilloma, a person still decides to remove papilloma . And the risk of developing a malignant tumor is large.

Remove papilloma you can:

- cryodestruction liquid nitrogen;
- electrocoagulation;
- laser therapy.

But that's all it is painful, expensive treatment, takes a lot of time. Treatment will take place simply and efficiently using the ointment Stefalin,. And most importantly - painless. Selectively acting on the desired area of ​​the skin, leave no treatment of wounds, scarring, burns.

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