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Mole. What is a mole?

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Mole. What is a mole?
Birthmark - it spots, characterized by a high content of melanin in the skin. Giperpigmentnye spots can be yellow, brown or black. Congenital giperpigmentnye spots - the so-called pigmented nevi. They are often called moles, birthmarks. Acquired giperpigmentnye spots - a freckle, chloasma (brown spots on the face, appearing most often in pregnant women).

Diagnosis of any disease begins with the patient's complaints. Many patients, visiting a dermatologist, are worried about a number of moles on the body, fearing that a mole - a sign of a dangerous disease.

The appearance of moles can be caused by endogenous (hormones, metabolites) or exogenous (radiation, chemical and other) factors.

Moles can appear throughout life, at any age. Nevi come in various types and forms, in addition, a mole can be completely harmless. For example, anemic nevus often formed on the back, face, and sometimes in other parts of the body and is a single or multiple patches. The boundaries of the spots are outlined clearly and outlines sometimes resemble a map. In the anemic nevus there is a slight fuzz. When changing the temperature of this form moles, more vivid. Treatment of anemic nevi are not subject to, and will not bring harm. Warty nevi also occur quite often. They are different from the warts, moles that are more often single. Warty nevus can be from birth or may occur in the first years of life the baby. Typically, the mole raised above the skin is much more than common warts. Brownish or brown nevi are often covered with hairs.

To remove a birthmark prescribe medication, but removal is not always required. According to the testimony of the doctor may recommend surgical removal of moles. But the mole is exposed to constant injury, rapidly increasing in size, acquiring density or inflamed and change color to a rich, should alert any person and get to see a specialist. In this case, we can assume that you are dealing with melanoma.

Melanoma - a very difficult malignancy. Neither sex nor age have no significance for the emergence of such a tumor, but most often occurs between the ages of 30 to 60 years. Melanoma can be expressed blotches inside the spot-Burgo dark or black in color, with a diameter of up to three centimeters, which gradually increases and may become oval or irregular in shape. Over time, the spot becomes denser and is transformed into a black plaque with a glossy surface. To diagnose a melanoma is not difficult for each person, but to see a doctor urgently need, as in the period of increasing the stain and plaque development can be observed in the growth of metastases adjacent lymph nodes.

Each person needs to be attentive to their health. After all, prevention is better than cure. Experts advise people with many moles on the body, to abandon the long-term exposure to the sun, because ultraviolet rays can trigger unwanted processes in the body, wear comfortable loose clothing, so as not to injure the existing moles. And most importantly - constantly monitor the condition of the skin and moles, and in case of doubt to consult specialists.
Be healthy!

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