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Reality and myth the appearance of moles during pregnancy

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Reality and myth the appearance of moles during pregnancy
During pregnancy, almost every woman has at times emotional instability and is, that lends itself to all sorts of superstitions. About birthmark almost everyone has heard at least some belief or omen. But we should find out how many stories are believable for clarity.

We can consider the most frequent of the signs:

1. If a pregnant woman has appeared in a certain place a birthmark, it is there in the unborn child there birthmark.

2. arisen during pregnancy moles are a crucial role.

3. If the expectant mother during fright will take up any part of the body, in the same place at the baby will be a mole.

Regarding the first statement we can say that part of the truth in it is present. Of course, they appeared in a mole pregnancy will never be duplicated in a child. You can only talk about common genetic predisposition to the appearance of nevi. It's enough to look at the mother's body. But it's worth noting that this is absolutely normal, which is not a pathology.

With regard to the second point we can safely say that such a sign more of the world of magic and fantasy. Of course, if a woman believes in magic signs, it may be serious about the signs of pregnancy in relation to moles. At the same time, it is important to realize that absolutely no scientific evidence for this statement has not.

As for the third point just to say that it is a myth and superstition obvious. It is unlikely that there was at least one such case in the history of mankind, when the baby was a birthmark on the face after the mother during pregnancy in fear clutched at the part of the body.

Expectant mother is not recommended on every occasion to worry even when new moles. Honestly, pregnancy is the period in the life of every woman, which we should strive to enjoy. Then the baby will be born necessarily healthy, and gave birth to become the most caring mother.

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