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If a person has a lot of moles from birth

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If a person has a lot of moles from birth
That's the way the human physiology that age increases the number of moles on his body. However, it happens that sometimes parents begin to panic when it detects a large number of moles of the child, believing that it is not the norm for a young age.

Panic in such cases it is not necessary (because the panic is not the best advisor), and according to medical reports, the mole - a benign tumor. They are called nevi (again according to the medical terminology) and may be genetic factors, as a genus can be or were relatives with more nevi. It is clear that to pick, to hurt, to tear off or pull thread birthmarks is not necessary, and you should not sunbathe too. Baby with a large number of moles on the open areas of the body need a special regime of stay in the street. It is necessary to create conditions for walking to the kids got the necessary and important enough for the body of vitamin D, which is produced by the action of the sun's rays.

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