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What is a wart and how to remove it?

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What is a wart and how to remove it?
What is a wart? - a viral disease caused by the papilloma virus. Contract the virus, you can anytime, anywhere. However, there is one thing which is that the formation of warts should be - a weak immune system and violation of the integrity of the skin structure. It is sometimes difficult to determine what is a wart, as it is often confused with other skin diseases. And the belief that warts appear from contact with frogs absolutely wrong, and amphibians here, there is nothing.

Divided into common warts, flat, plantar. Treat Warts can be in many ways, ranging from folk remedies and ending health.

To remove warts usually use cauterizing agents used to be under the supervision of a physician. But, the most effective and easiest way to remove the ointment was and is 'Stefalin' which copes with warts quickly and without side effects. And the question of what is a wart, the simple answer gives removal using Stefalin ointment. The wart is not a sentence, and effective treatment of these structures exist.

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