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Reviews of ointment to remove moles

Azarnaya Olga, Donetsk region. Mariupol

Published: 3 марта 2016
Hello, adopted all of your recommendations for applying ointments, received remarkable results were slightly pink spots. Remove moles on his face almost invisible shade of pink. Overall satisfied. Thank you so much.
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Yulia V. Dolgov, Herson

Published: 1 марта 2016
Hello Larissa. I can not attach a photo to the review, does not boot for some reason. Ointment I'm happy. Small bottle enough for a long time and I have removed 4 moles on his face. Though written in the instructions, it is not recommended during pregnancy, I all the same considered that the composition is not anything dangerous, and enjoyed being in the position. You can be calm, nothing terrible has happened. I will definitely order more, later. Thank you for your advice and that took my order over the phone.
Administrator comments: Yulia V. Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that we could be useful to you.
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Guest from Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Published: 3 февраля 2016
Hello, I am from Kazakhstan. This ointment will come from? I have no moles from birth. How much KZT probe?
Administrator comments: Delivery will be from Ukraine. The cost of the probe with the carriage 33000.00 KZT
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Published: 10 декабря 2015
Hello, I have several kinds of moles - on the face, there is a small papillomas on the body, the neck, under the breasts, and there are many types of corn on the sole of tubercle, from the middle of a thick trunk that grows, which I cut with scissors periodically. Suitable whether your Stefalin and in all these cases? if he removes the roots?
Administrator comments: Hello, Elena. Ointment Stefalin suitable for the removal of most birthmarks. It would be better if you send photos, text can only speculate.
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Kononenko Tatiana V., Kiev

Published: 1 ноября 2015
Like all women, I was very fond of the solarium and visited him often. After that, the body began appearing moles that change size over time, and some color. When moles reached the size that I could not wear open dress, I was worried. Consult your doctor, I got some advice, or rather one- cut and sew with residual scars on the body. Since the moles I had 24pcs., I am a young girl whose life has just begun, even could not imagine how I would look like. A priori, I do not trust doctors, so it is always looking for alternative solutions to the problem. My search led me to this site Stefalin. Carefully and thoroughly studying the recommendations for application and video which clearly shows that this sequential treatment steps, not the installation (I say to you as a TV employee!), I decided to use this technique.

From personal experience, I advise:
1. Before using the ointment to go Dermatoscopes uzuchenie mole on the presence or absence of cancer cells in it.
2. In case the moles are not melanoma, you can safely use the cream, spreading it exclusively to the place of moles, because getting on the body, you can get burned. If you are a little hit on the body, quickly wipe and lubricate the place Pantestinom. After applying Stefalina, cover the mole breathing plastyrem.Nanosit recommend ointment at night.
3.Vypuklye not large birthmarks, their heads disappear overnight. In the morning you will have only itself birthmark, without cap.
4.Maz morning to wash off. In the evening continue the procedure. Location is a little black moles, it is an ointment that was absorbed into the body. There is nothing in this terrible there. Discomfort is also there for the treatment of moles. 5.Rodinki smear so long until we will see how it disappears. I, ointment burns them at the root (inside there was a small pit), then the body begins to gather itself, it says that the mole has healed and tightened.
6.Vse moles that you treat will be taken crust. Crust in any case is not broken, even if you soak it in the bathroom. At first I, too, he waved to a warning about which they write on the website. But it is fraught with consequences. Firstly, it hurts. Second, - the scar
. 7. After the treatment of moles on my body were pink spots, without bumps and signs of the former residence of moles. These spots after a month of treatment can be removed at any laser resurfacing laser cabin with a good reputation. I was very pleased with ointment Stefalin! And I recommend to all!
By the way. Before ointment I used the method that I have advised friends - Surgitron. Mole removal with the help of the so-called 'cold knife'. I do not recommend to anyone! First of all, it is a divorce on the money! All that is written on the websites about this device is complete nonsense, because on my face were two horrible scar, which I barely 5 again removed by laser.

Soon, I'll remove a few moles and try to create a photo-like material I have been treated to the most do not trust traditional medicine visitor of this site could be sure that it works!
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Published: 11 октября 2015
Accidentally came across an article, I do not think that a mole can be removed simply with ointment. I also have a mole on her waist and she is impeding engages behind her when rented clothes, underwear. I planned to remove it as - it surgically, but now put off the campaign to the doctor and buy this cream, and try to imagine, after some results come back and write a review.
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Alpheus B., Omsk

Published: 18 сентября 2015
Good afternoon, Larissa! I'm from Russia, Omsk. Very interested in your suggested ointment 'Stefalin'. The purpose - private use: there is a problem with a large birthmark (? Maybe it's not a mole at all ...) on the right temporal scalp. I would like to talk, to consult .... I send photos to annoy me education. After reviewing the available online reviews, I cherish the hope that your business is now alive and well. Moreover - I saw the formation of a similar shape are taking place not only for me .... The question to you is simple - does it make sense to try your product for the elimination of my 'decoration'? About me: I am 64 years; 'Hronichek' I do not have; Available in the party do not belong; this problematic education zaimel (apparently) is inherited from birth (initially - flat spot 5-7mm); after exchanged second decade, 'speck' gradually began to turn into what you see in the photographs .... Such is the 'medical history'. The observed dynamics of naturally alarming. I would venture to suggest that the growth of education is associated with the annual visit to the tropical countries (for 2-3 weeks in the winter) for the last 10 years. In advance thank you for any response.

Birthmark in all its glory

Delete huge birthmark on his head
Administrator comments: This ointment to remove the mole is quite possible. If it increases, it is clear, as long as you do not injure her. Especially if you are sunbathing regularly. Since it is large, the process will take place in several stages. Just different pain (stove can, blush around the mole, itching) may occur due to the size and sensitive scalp. Usually all this takes place soon after spreading. If you have any discomfort, then you can not smear a couple of days until the discomfort does not go away. Important for you to apply ointment on the entire surface of a mole, try not to fall on the surrounding skin. so you can always seek the advice of ointment is applied on the application instruction.

Editorial comment of 12.17.2015 Customer Review Stefalin after application of ointment.
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Masko Bogdan Nikolaevich, Konotop

Published: 30 августа 2015
Good tool! Ordered on this site, it's time without any issues. Instruction is available to any written clearly, and a business card in a box. I did all the instructions as written and was actually. Take not regret it!
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Margarita Iegovskaya, Kiev

Published: 3 июля 2015
I leave this review with joy after removed the mole itself. The fact is that on the back there were many small moles and some of them began to get sick and grow. Even they were small but then grew in length. Clothing underwear has experienced a constant problem and was afraid to disturb it. Very afraid of this. In January this year, I addressed the onco-dermatologist. Moreover, what kind of advice has paid 250 USD, so it scared me to death. He told me what to do and about how much it will cost me. The figure turned out 3400 UAH. I came home and could not sleep until nearly morning. It's not only in money but also in the fact that he always said to be screened, which is the sum of cost 1000 UAH. Then the definition of method of disposal and of itself remove. The next day allowance on the internet and looking for how else can remove. Found stefalin ointment. She studied all day and after seeing the reviews people decided. Ordered 10 ml. It came in the mail ointment, in a box, in a bottle with etiketochkoy. Civilized. I smeared my girlfriend. All instructions done. And finally, the little mole quickly fell away and formed a crust on large. It took three months, as the back can not find all the places where there were moles. Under the little mole and not even a trace. I am very grateful to the people of this drug, it is a pity that it is not sold in pharmacies and only know about it, who have the Internet. I gave a 10-ml. almost 650 UAH. a shipment, but I do not regret, because it is much less than what the doctor told me.
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Victoria Luchkovskiy, Shostka

Published: 16 мая 2015
Larissa, thank you very much for the ointment. Three months ago, when I turned to you, you may recall, I was not very confident in the effectiveness of this method of removal. Farther. 20 days on the advice on removal 40, 10 to healing. Absolutely everything has changed. My life. My feeling, and most importantly, these moles, which were very uncomfortable, and, as you may remember were very spicy place. With regard to the sensations during removal - it was redness and tweaking. Some time moles swell so that I became to experience. I call you constantly.
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Mole removal reviews feedback from our customers who have already used this folk remedy for removing moles!

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