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Chizh Irina Zinovievna, Gusyatin, Ternopil region

Published: 21 апреля 2017 Views: 647
Chizh Irina Zinovievna, city Gusyatin, Ternopil region My husband and I had papillomas and flat moles. There was a question how to get rid of them. Friends advised Stefalin ointment. We decided to try. My husband had about eight, I have about six. Their size was about 0.5-1 cm. During the removal process there were various sensations, including redness, itching, and soreness.

The instructions described everything, so they were ready for such manifestations. Crusts fell away in different ways - some after 4 days, some after 10 days. Immediately after the crusts disappeared, there were red spots, which gradually become less noticeable. I really like ointment. Acts gently. Thank!!!

Peeling of the crust from the mole

Peeling of the crust from the mole

Almost no trace of a large mole

Almost no trace of a large mole

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02.05.2018 20:21
Papillomas appeared around my neck and very quickly began to grow. Burned them with folk remedies, celandine, but only black spots on the skin done. On the Internet I found information about Stefalin ointment and decided to try it. The effect exceeded all expectations. Papillomas began to dry out and a few days later disappeared completely. Dark spots that have remained of them, passed in a few weeks.
Elena S
02.04.2018 10:12
Previously, the whole family removed papillomas and moles by cryodestruction. I like the method, but it turns out to be very expensive, and often you have to remove formations on the skin in 2-3 stages. Very tempting is your story about ointment! It would be just great to get rid of my problems at home. Of course, you should consult with a dermatologist, is it not dangerous.
08.03.2018 19:21
The problem of the mole is very relevant for me. There are also birthmarks that just get in the way, one of them I accidentally touch with a razor all the time, so it became even bigger and it happens that it bleeds. He kind yet. Thought about the removal, but that's the way that has not yet chosen. I know that you can remove the radio wave method in the hospital, the procedure is quite painful, but I am a coward and I am afraid of pain and will not risk going there. I heard this ointment, but I didn’t try to read more reviews, I can’t believe that a simple ointment removes birthmarks so easily and coolly that almost nothing is left of them, only a small spot. You can also try.
05.03.2018 13:20
I was always wary of interfering with birthmarks, I heard everyone about the consequences, although your method looks harmless or something. In general, it is necessary to try, there are moles of this type, I will try this method to have an opinion.
04.03.2018 17:41
Irina, I support your opinion regarding this tool. It really works and gently removes moles, although they have disappeared from me on the twelfth day, maybe it depends on the size of the mole itself.
04.03.2018 13:45
The first time I hear that the ointment can help so quickly, there have been more than once dermatologists and oncologists never mentioned that you can get rid of polyps with ointment. We will try.

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