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Khomenko Elena, Kiev

Published: 30 марта 2017 Views: 502
Khomenko Elena, city Kiev I had two birthmarks that were constantly injured and inflamed. I decided to remove them. When I read about Stefalin ointment on the Internet, I decided to try to use this particular remedy. I didn’t particularly consult a doctor. I do not trust them especially. The method of folk is more suitable for me.

I had one mole with a diameter of 1 cm, the second mole had a diameter of 2 cm. Immediately after applying the ointment, soreness and redness appeared, approximately around two days later, it subsided. The entire removal process lasted for three weeks (I smeared a mole for a week, took a break for a week, smeared it again for a week), at the end of the third week the moles dried out completely and disappeared. At the moment, the wounds are covered with a white crust, so thin, there is no depression, it is flush with the skin. I look forward to complete healing and thank you for Stefalin.

УMole removal 1 s

Mole removal 1 s

Type of mole after applying the ointment

Type of mole after applying the ointment

Remained flat speck

Remained flat speck

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18.11.2018 13:21
Of course you have a big mole, but I would not have dared myself without the advice of a doctor to use any kind of drug. Although judging by my experience, I also had a large mole on my back, I removed it with a laser in the hospital and literally in 3 months it came back. About Stefalin I hear more than once, but I still do not dare to try, but judging by your experience, it is successful.
14.02.2018 23:00
Elena, I admire your courage and bravery. I would not dare to take such independent measures without a doctor. But, apparently, moles have long troubled you, caused discomfort. I am very glad for you that everything went well, without any complaints. I wish you a speedy healing and recovery. I also have birthmarks, perhaps, looking at your example, I will decide to do the same.
10.01.2017 13:25
And I just have a mole, the most common and periodically it itches, it becomes convex, and around it the bezel appears red. I always look in the direction of Stefalin ointment, but for now I do not dare to apply. I would like to know, is that the remaining spot does not bother you at all, does not become inflamed? Or is it just such a scar.
09.01.2017 22:54
And you are brave. If after the ointment, I began to redness and pain, I would immediately quit. It's good that everything ends well, and the birthmarks have disappeared, and even so quickly - in fact, in two weeks. In my opinion, this is better than deleting with a laser, both for money and for nerves. The result looks good - they were big and bulging, judging by the photos, and as a result there was not even a swelling, it was equal to the skin. I only care about what remains a dark speck, as far as can be seen from the photo. I hope it also comes down with time, or - that the moles were not in a prominent place, and these spots will not attract attention.

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