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Tsarik Natalia Vladimirovna, Priluki

Published: 19 апреля 2017 Views: 309
Tsarik Natalia Vladimirovna, city Priluki I began to think about removing a mole after my photographer processed my photo, removing the mole. She had a size of about 1 cm by 1 cm.
Since the mole is not small, the process lasted about a month. The redness was, after applying the ointment, the birthmark turned black, after removing the crust from the birthmark, the place was smeared with a new ball and there was a very strong pain as the wound was open.

Type of mole after removal

Removing a mole on the face - Natalia Tsarik review

Sorry, the photo process did not. There were no conditions. At the beginning and after the removal of the crust there were painful sensations, but not long, the pain is not constant, we can say a minute - it burned and that's it. While the mark from the mole is noticeable, like a small scar. Under the makeup it is not visible at all. Ointment is impressive, I advise and recommend. Believe it is true!

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20.12.2018 14:45
Is it possible to remove a mole from an ointment? I have several moles, including three on my face, which is why I’m afraid to burn something on my face, because everything becomes immediately clear, you can’t hide it with any makeup. But you are well done, that you decided to experiment and clear skin is a reward. It is also possible that I will make up my mind and will begin to lubricate at least for the time being one mole, one that is smaller.
18.12.2018 07:32
I myself was very worried about how to remove a mole, but believe the face is now clean and this removal would cost me much less than I would have done it by operation, my review for you dear guests is the most real !!
25.05.2018 18:32
Since my childhood I have a huge mole on the right side of my chest (about the same size as yours). I think women who wear a bra with a hard cup, I will certainly understand how it interferes there, rubs. Constantly catching her 'bones' from the bust, from this she then itches, then hurts. Long time I want to do an operation to remove it, but here I am very afraid and worried. In search of a solution to my problem, I walk around the Internet, looking for feedback from people about operations and other ways of getting rid of moles and papillomas, as well as the papilloma is very worried on the hand, right between the fingers. I stumbled upon your feedback. I would like to know what your side effects were? Anyway, were there? How long have you had a crust in a mole? What time has passed from the very first application of the money on the mole to the very end, when it was not at all visible? You are a great fellow, that you decided to take this step. My birthmark is not at all visible, and even some birthmarks can not even be disguised with a toner. Of course, it is better to anoint a couple of times, to suffer than to take such a serious step as an operation. I, probably, will decide too.
26.05.2017 00:00
Natalia, you are great. Properly done, they decided to remove this mole. The face is our business card, which should not be anything extra. I read your story and thought about my moles. They are on my neck and left cheek. The operation to remove did not want expensive. I think to use the ointment about which you wrote. I hope that she will help me.
26.05.2017 00:00
Thanks for the feedback, I will keep in mind your removal method. I really wanted to read the reviews about the removal of moles on the face. The fact is that my sister also has a similar mole on her face, maybe a little less than yours, it is natural that she is complexing because of her, but she is afraid to go delete from the surgeon. Of course, such moles need to be cleaned, they do not add beauty. Tell her about this ointment. Tell me, did you not consult a doctor before using Stefalin (perhaps there are some contraindications to the use of ointment)? And yet: the scar that remained after the birthmark, should eventually get off, or will it remain?
I did not consult with the doctors, but I read the ointment on the website, what and how. They say that the scar will disappear, but the effect that I have already - I was quite happy

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