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Bulah Olga Leonidovna, Marganec

Published: 10 мая 2017 Views: 317
Bulah Olga Leonidovna, city Marganec In the abdomen papilloma appeared on thin legs, began to increase in size, reaching about 30 mm. An operation was not solved, tried all pharmaceutical drugs, and even kreozamorozku - did not help. Stefalin ointment twice plastered leg papilloma papilloma since she was big. A few days papilloma increased in size in 3 times, blushed, began to hurt, then turned blue, became a huge and solid.

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Reviewed Olgi Bulah about removing a large mole

Two weeks later began to dry and thin legs dried up and disappeared. The whole process took one month. At the site of papilloma yet there is a dark spot.

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Reviewed Olgi Bulah about removing a large mole

Just three moles removed Hanging approximately 10 mm in diameter.
Good impression of ointment. I was glad to 100 percent removal.

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Moles removed almost a month.

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Right on her forehead was a birthmark, which has steadily increased in size. After removing Stefalinom and can not see anything.