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Guryanov Sergey Evgenievich, Berdyansk

Published: 12 декабря 2018 Views: 136
Guryanov Sergey Evgenievich, city Berdyansk As you can see in the photo, a large mole has formed on my face over the years. Constantly growing and as a result became very large. It's time to look for a removal tool and among other things, looked on the Internet. It turned out that in the city where I am located the traditional medicine Stefalin ointment is on sale.

I made an order on the site and chose the delivery method office. They called me and said that I could come. He came to the office, took the ointment and began the removal process on the same day.

Apply the ointment as indicated in the instructions. Is that immediately, as the crust fell away, then I immediately began to smear on that place. Total took time to remove about 10 days. I believe that this is not a long time for self-removal at home.

After the last crust was gone, there was a pink trace, but after a few weeks, the color became normal skin. Here is the mole, or rather the place where this mole was, now.

After removing the ointment Stefalin

After removing the ointment Stefalin

I am very pleased with Ointment and gladly tell my friends and acquaintances that there is such a means by which you simply take home and remove such moles that doctors would look at and shake their heads, send to a bunch of tests and scare horror stories.

Photo moles before removal ointment Stefalin

Photo moles before removal ointment Stefalin

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Elena GG
06.01.2019 13:39
The story is cool. Immediately wanted to try too. I always had a lot of moles, and after two pregnancies it became even more. My husband sends me for surgery, because there are a lot of really big moles on my back and chest. And I'm afraid, of course. Here I would risk to use ointment. Although to start in any case it is better to pass tests, and consult with your doctor. Moles - this is not a joke. Relative after surgery to remove a mole died. Now for me, this topic is a bit scary. Although if you look at it from the other side, the ointment is still safer than surgery.
05.01.2019 13:21
Of course, your review impressed me, because I also have a similar mole on my face. But I would not risk taking it out on my own, as the risk is huge, especially at a decent age, when there are already prerequisites for malignant neoplasms. The tool, though effective, is still worth consulting with a doctor and undergoing a complete oncomarker test, which I will do first, before deciding on home removal procedures. Even after that, you should be more attentive to your health throughout the year, so as not to miss the oncological disease that has begun, which can manifest itself even in another place.
02.01.2019 13:21
I would not use such drugs without a doctor's recommendation, this is all very serious. First, any neoplasms should be examined for oncology, and then output

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