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Zankevich Natalia Aleksandrovna, Vinnitsa

Published: 21 августа 2018 Views: 343
Zankevich Natalia Aleksandrovna, city Vinnitsa I had as many as 6 moles, from 2 mm to 8 mm. I did not consult with doctors, I did not have to. A large number of positive reviews about the ointment influenced me to make such a decision to use this tool. When applied to moles, at the beginning, I felt some discomfort since almost all moles were on the face. The main thing that the ointment does not fall on the skin itching was not only redness, you just need to follow the instructions.

The removal process took me from 1 week to 3 weeks since 2 moles were large and very dense Regarding the consequences: at first there were pink spots, but then they became equal in color to the skin now generally imperceptibly.

My general impression about Stefalin ointment: I didn’t expect such a positive effect. 2 my acquaintances, on my recommendation, also used the ointment were very pleased.

Initially, both moles were

Initially, both moles were

After removal

After removal


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Elena Fink
05.01.2019 14:25
Yes, of course, all these hanging moles are very disturbing and they do not paint us at all. And it is much more convenient and easier to buy the ointment yourself and get rid of them than to go to the doctor and, for example, burn them with a laser. I read the composition and even more believed that Stefalin ointment can really get rid of moles. Vinegar seems to be etching them, celandine (with its juice), I myself got rid of the warts in myself and the child. Burdock is also a very well-known tool. But moles may have different origins and, if I remember correctly, some of them begin their growth deep in the skin. And therefore, the question arises whether they will grow up again after some time in the same place. According to your story, it turns out that this process is not fast — up to three weeks. And if in a few months she grows up again, again three weeks? Already it will be costly, both in time and in money, because the cost of the ointment is not small and is comparable to laser removal of moles. I would, before using this ointment, go to a dermatologist and find out the nature of my moles. And if they have only a superficial body, then you can try to get rid of them yourself with the help of this ointment, without fear that after some time they will appear again.
Practically, we did not meet the birthmarks to grow back at the place of removal. Many people write about this on the Internet, but our clients did not tell us about it.
01.01.2019 19:12
No one argues with the fact that the drug is good, effective. But at the same time it is worth noting that self-medicating is always dangerous. Especially in terms of moles. You should always show 'problem' moles to the doctor, and he should prescribe the necessary treatment. And then one has helped, and another has some kind of allergy. Be careful with your health.
12.12.2018 13:29
I also have several moles, I was already going to see a doctor, but it’s good that I stumbled upon your personal experience, so now I want to try this ointment myself. It’s impossible not to believe your words, especially after viewing photos.
05.11.2018 11:12
The result is, of course, excellent. I have no big moles on my face, but on my body I have a lot. It would be great if this tool really helped so well. But for starters, I would consult with a doctor.
01.11.2018 13:02
Moles are not only not aesthetically pleasing, but they can be accidentally injured and this is painful. You risked, in this case there is some kind of unpredictability. Still, organisms are different, different reactions may be on those or other drugs. Obviously, Stefalin was developed more universally. Confused that it should not fall on the skin. Does it act as a cautery? I would like to be 100% sure that there will be no harm. Is it possible to use it for 'hanging' moles? They cause no less discomfort. I am glad, Natalya, that the remedy helped you to get rid of moles on your face without operations and so successfully. The result is, indeed, on the face.

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