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Fadeeva Alisa Vyacheslavovna, Lucan

Published: 14 августа 2018 Views: 502
Fadeeva Alisa Vyacheslavovna, city Lucan Ointment Stefalin I decided to remove after I found the description and composition. I liked that the ointment was made from medicinal herbs. I trust folk medicine more. One of my moles is too big and therefore I decided to remove it.

I did not consult the doctor about the removal, I myself studied the information about the different methods that people use.

Moles before removing Stefalin ointment

Moles before removing Stefalin ointment

I have several moles. One was big, the rest are smaller. Bulging. Ordered capacity ointment 2 ml. It took me about two weeks to remove. When applying the ointment on the mole, I felt a slight tingling and there was redness around the mole itself. Birthmark swollen and with one, even as a liquid stood out.

Moles in the removal process

Moles in the removal process

Crust formation

As you can see in the photo, the crust has formed just huge. Of course, the mole was not small. According to the instructions to rip off it is not necessary. Here, for a while, it was alas.

Moles on the face in the process of removing Stefalin ointment


peeling of the skin on the face in the process of removing Stefalin ointment

Residual effects

In the photo below you can already see that the trace of the small one is almost invisible, but it still remains of the large one.

Residual effects

Despite the fact that during the removal process, I overdid it (I accidentally put ointment on healthy skin around the mole), the moles were removed and I am satisfied with the result. Of course, seeing what was happening with the mole, how it swells and oozes - I was at a loss. But everything worked out. I ordered the second time. There are other moles and I will proceed to their removal. In the process of using, she shared an ointment with a relative. He also helped.

All personal reviews

24.12.2018 13:45
Very brave and somewhere, rash act. Is it because of a lack of confidence in doctors or a desire to experiment with your health? I recently began to rip a hanging mole of a small size, it was very painful to touch her. I read about how to self-delete, but did not take risks. Appealed to a dermatologist. I have a question for you: when the crust was peeling off and the ichor dripping, did you somehow work this area?
11.12.2018 13:23
How boldly, without consulting a doctor, to take any steps to remove moles! I'm afraid to touch my birthstone once again)) I would like to remove it too, but only after consulting with a specialist. Nevertheless, it is dangerous to apply such methods on your own, because moles are different, both benign and malignant, first her doctor should check and then advise which method is more suitable for removal. And you have a very good result from the photo)) as after removal by the laser. Nevertheless, it is not really believed that with an ointment only from medicinal herbs you can remove a mole so .... Maybe there is something chemical in the composition that contributes to the burning of moles?
20.09.2018 11:28
Of course it is dangerous! But the result is really impressive! I would be afraid to remove this way, especially on the face. Have there been no side effects? I would advise you, after removal, to consult a doctor after all, at least for a consultation, because you are not joking with health. The mole, by the way, did not spoil you, but of course everyone has different tastes, this is my personal opinion.
24.08.2018 11:02
My opinion is that it is very dangerous to do such procedures on your own, it is better to go to a medical center, consult with a good specialist, take tests and then make a decision. You have a very nice face, moles are piquant and it would be sad if something went wrong, it’s better not to risk it, maybe the ointment is really good.
15.07.2018 14:36
It is very dangerous to remove such large moles on your own, it seems to me that you had to first consult with your doctor, some moles should not be removed at all, as this may lead to tumors. And even more so you should not use the drugs that you have prescribed for yourselves, of course, I don’t want to frighten you, I wish you only good things, but still you shouldn’t forget about your own health and your own security in such a business. The result is, of course, simply amazing, you would never have thought that without an operation and a surgeon you can achieve such an effect, even the trace is already very poorly distinguishable, I think that with time it will pass and it will be completely unnoticeable that you did something with a face. It's also amazing time for me that in just two weeks you have completely removed such large moles, people have been removing warts and papillomas for years, and here is a mole! And is it really true that you only felt a slight burning sensation? Usually, when using such products, it burns very strongly and the skin around the application reddens and itches very much. You are a great fellow, struggling with your imperfections, but your moles, it seems to me, were for you to face, added some piquancy to your image or something.
11.07.2018 02:12
I consider this method risky. It is not safe to remove moles by any method. Clearly, this should be done by a qualified technician under sterile conditions. It is also necessary then to pass the analysis (scraping) to ensure successful removal and the absence of disastrous consequences. Judging by the photos, in this case everything went well and that’s fine. But if we talk about traditional medicine, this is not the case. It's one thing to pick herbs in the forest, dry, brew, insist, etc. It is quite another thing - ointments created in the laboratory. There is no guarantee that the composition is real. Surely the shelf life of this tool year 3? Any decoction is not stored for more than 3 days, well, if it is not on alcohol. I am against self-removal of moles.
08.07.2018 08:12
Scary of course, scary, but seeing your positive result, I also want to try it in action. Although they very much went to you, they looked pretty. Just on the face for a long time there is a big mole, I tried it with the grass of celandine, it did not help. I worry, if there will be a strong irritation around how long everything heals? Still it turns out like a burn.
25.06.2018 20:45
Your result showed the full possibility of this ointment, I think many will now take it on board, of course the place remains, but I think everything will be delayed over time, but the main thing is without any surgical intervention.

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