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Bronstein Eugene, Dnieper

Published: 22 мая 2018 Views: 363
Bronstein Eugene, city Dnieper Ointment Stefalin I managed to remove moles and papillomas, small and large. It all started with the fact that my friend advised me to this ointment. He disappeared after 3 days, small papillomas, even some were near the eye. It seemed to me dangerous, especially near the eyes, but he did not speak badly about the ointment. I also decided to try.

I took a small bottle for testing, it was enough for me with 11 small arms under my arms and 4 on my neck. A week he was smeared with a match in droplets, in some places there were visible specks, but compared to what was - normal.

Places where there was a mole is almost invisible

Places where there was a mole is almost invisible

What did you feel during the application? Yes, it was tolerantly baked, then some moles increased a little, in 3-4 days it dries out and disappears. Absolutely no side and only a little felt that there is a crust, but to hurt - there is no such.

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15.06.2018 15:21
Is it possible to get rid of moles with ointment? That's great. I have birthmarks on my face, neck, under my breast, and I have long dreamed of getting rid of them, only without operations that I fear. I will definitely try this ointment and may be lucky to get rid of some moles.
11.06.2018 11:08
Itself was in shock, but the ointment really works. I generally have a lot of moles on my body, and I am constantly observed by a dermatologist and periodically checked by an oncologist to avoid dangerous formations. And there were small papillomas and there was no sense of a surgical intervention. Then the doctor advised to use this - only for small papillomas, not for large moles! It is important!
27.05.2018 22:42
Now a bunch of new, modern means of moles and papillomas have appeared. You are a rather risky and fearless person if after listening to a friend you bought and began to try this remedy on yourself. For example, my mother-in-law recently removed a mole that was in her way, located in an uncomfortable place. Maybe I would not remove it, but she interfered with it and rubbed it. In order to remove the mother-in-law she turned to the polyclinic, gave various tests, only after that she was allowed to get rid of her. I wouldn’t have risked you, without preliminary tests and without the advice of a doctor, to do something with yourself. It is unknown how this will end and who will be responsible.
12.05.2018 12:20
Is it not dangerous to use ointment, which contains acetic acid, to remove papillomas? Still, doctors do not recommend any effect of aggressive substances on moles.

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