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It is always interesting to know the opinion of a man who on his own experience has shown that a particular product is effective. On the Internet, millions of opinions and are generally difficult to be sure that the information is found untrue.

After removal of moles, some of the people returning to post a review.
Here is a list of our clients, who share their experiences of using ointments Stefalin and do not hesitate to show his face.

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Guryanov Sergey Evgenievich, Berdyansk

Published: 12 декабря 2018 Views: 249
Guryanov Sergey Evgenievich, city Berdyansk As you can see in the photo, a large mole has formed on my face over the years. Constantly growing and as a result became very large. It's time to look for a removal tool and among other things, looked on the Internet. It turned out that in the city where I am located the traditional medicine Stefalin ointment is on sale.
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Matvienko Olesya Ivanovna, Chernivtsi

Published: 1 декабря 2018 Views: 634
Matvienko Olesya Ivanovna, city Chernivtsi My dad (born 1954) keratopapilloma appeared on the inner side of the thigh in 1986 after a long stay in the sun. For years she did not bother him, just looked unattractive. He did not treat her with any medications. Size 6cm * 4cm. The last 10 years, she began to change, grow and bother.
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Zankevich Natalia Aleksandrovna, Vinnitsa

Published: 21 августа 2018 Views: 353
Zankevich Natalia Aleksandrovna, city Vinnitsa I had as many as 6 moles, from 2 mm to 8 mm. I did not consult with doctors, I did not have to. A large number of positive reviews about the ointment influenced me to make such a decision to use this tool. When applied to moles, at the beginning, I felt some discomfort since almost all moles were on the face. The main thing that the ointment does not fall on the skin itching was not only redness, you just need to follow the instructions.
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Fadeeva Alisa Vyacheslavovna, Lucan

Published: 14 августа 2018 Views: 523
Fadeeva Alisa Vyacheslavovna, city Lucan Ointment Stefalin I decided to remove after I found the description and composition. I liked that the ointment was made from medicinal herbs. I trust folk medicine more. One of my moles is too big and therefore I decided to remove it.
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Bronstein Eugene, Dnieper

Published: 22 мая 2018 Views: 382
Bronstein Eugene, city Dnieper Ointment Stefalin I managed to remove moles and papillomas, small and large. It all started with the fact that my friend advised me to this ointment. He disappeared after 3 days, small papillomas, even some were near the eye. It seemed to me dangerous, especially near the eyes, but he did not speak badly about the ointment. I also decided to try.
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Chizh Irina Zinovievna, Gusyatin, Ternopil region

Published: 21 апреля 2017 Views: 673
Chizh Irina Zinovievna, city Gusyatin, Ternopil region My husband and I had papillomas and flat moles. There was a question how to get rid of them. Friends advised Stefalin ointment. We decided to try. My husband had about eight, I have about six. Their size was about 0.5-1 cm. During the removal process there were various sensations, including redness, itching, and soreness.
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Khomenko Elena, Kiev

Published: 30 марта 2017 Views: 570
Khomenko Elena, city Kiev I had two birthmarks that were constantly injured and inflamed. I decided to remove them. When I read about Stefalin ointment on the Internet, I decided to try to use this particular remedy. I didn’t particularly consult a doctor. I do not trust them especially. The method of folk is more suitable for me.
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Tikhiy Maksim Anatolevich, Volnovaha

Published: 19 марта 2017 Views: 481
Tikhiy Maksim Anatolevich, city Volnovaha Good day! I decided to remove a few moles. I did not go to the hospital. On the Internet I was looking for how this can be done and I saw this site. I ordered a 2 ml probe, with it I deleted 3 small moles in just 3 weeks. First, when it smeared a little hot, smeared every evening. After they dried and fell, small white dots remained on the body.
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Tsarik Natalia Vladimirovna, Priluki

Published: 19 апреля 2017 Views: 377
Tsarik Natalia Vladimirovna, city Priluki I began to think about removing a mole after my photographer processed my photo, removing the mole. She had a size of about 1 cm by 1 cm.
Since the mole is not small, the process lasted about a month. The redness was, after applying the ointment, the birthmark turned black, after removing the crust from the birthmark, the place was smeared with a new ball and there was a very strong pain as the wound was open.
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Bulah Olga Leonidovna, Marganec

Published: 10 мая 2017 Views: 421
Bulah Olga Leonidovna, city Marganec In the abdomen papilloma appeared on thin legs, began to increase in size, reaching about 30 mm. An operation was not solved, tried all pharmaceutical drugs, and even kreozamorozku - did not help. Stefalin ointment twice plastered leg papilloma papilloma since she was big. A few days papilloma increased in size in 3 times, blushed, began to hurt, then turned blue, became a huge and solid.
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