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Reviews of ointment to remove moles


Published: 7 марта 2015
Good afternoon. I appealed to the clinic of laser surgery with a request to remove a birthmark on my back, but I was told that it should not be removed (sits deep enough), but asked me to watch him. I would like to know whether the ointment 'Stefalin' will be able to solve my problem? If yes, how much it is safe. After all, during the removal, mole and subjected to chemical attack (ointment) and mechanical (the crust is formed, which should be steam and remove). Of the injured often develop melanoma moles. What guarantees a good outcome of the procedure? I enclose a photo of a birthmark that is alarming me. It is on the right side of the back of the dark color. I'll wait for your answer. With respect to you, Sergey Gromov.
Administrator comments: Dear Sergey. Having reviewed your photo can tell you that a birthmark that you wish to remove will not be subject to chemical attack, as part of an ointment no chemical components. The crust will be formed very thin. This is a large mole crust. Birthmark difficult to remove. It is flat and in any case should be applied ointment very carefully, do not rush. Regarding guarantees: birthmark is removed, but not the fact that there will be a spot of dark or light color. I believe that you fully want to remove the stain that was gone. Therefore, I repeat: may remain stain color different from the color of the skin.
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Valery Madatov, Dnepropetrovsk

Published: 15 февраля 2015
Before applying stefalin to remove moles on his face, we decided to try it on a papilloma axillary zone.Papilloma was reduced, but in the area of ​​the drug was formed spot brown color, which in our opinion has excluded its use to remove moles on his face.
Administrator comments: You are absolutely right thing. Indeed, in some cases, after removal of moles can remain stain skin color and lighter or darker. This is an exclusive feature of the human skin. One dark spot remains, others bright. After some time, the color is restored, but the period through which the place has become a mole in the same color as the mole - are not known.
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Va, Moscow

Published: 14 мая 2014
Ointment acquired at the end of marta.snachala very afraid. Thank you for the advice Larissa .Each day I almost asked her any questions, sent pictures, she gladly answered) is removed about a month convex mole. Who left the trail, but I think over time will be delayed and will be equal to the skin) In general all the fun) a huge thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
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