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Victoria, Uman

Published: 13 июля 2016
After 2 years of writing this review. I really liked the ointment. I took 5 ml and it was enough to remove three large birthmarks. About two years ago I visited a doctor who noticed my birthmarks. They were on the neck. Anxious eyes and shake of the head caused me to ask him what was the matter. He said that I urgently need to be examined and possibly to remove moles. He gave me directions and called there for me to agree. After talking to I said that I was already waiting. I do not understand what he was saying and what I need to undergo the procedure was, but I still wanted to know how much I need to take the funds for the survey. About 2 thousand hryvnia, he said to me. And this is just a survey. I asked the son, and he had found on the site preparation for removing moles. I read reviews of people and realized that this was my chance. Removes the course for a long time, then it was worth it. Who were specks of course. But I am quite happy with it. I am very grateful to these people, Larissa, I could here so quickly and easily get rid of moles.