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Kovalenko Vladimir Ilyich, Melovoye

Published: 4 марта 2016
Where a month ago, accidentally I came to the site, where it was my first 'acquaintance' with this ointment. Together with his wife in detail all read, then looked at video, find out the price. I think you can guess what my wife said. If not, here are her words: Do not toil foolishness, because you already 60 years old and do not you see that it is the same - a complete divorce for money. I said nothing, even nodded that he agreed with it.

A few days later I received a pension and decided to still enjoy STEFALIN. His wife, of course, is not dedicated to this cause. When received at the post office, it was only then told her. And then - a trick. Mazal mole, which was with me from childhood on his right cheek. A mole is quite large, about 8 mm in diameter and has performed over 3-4 mm skin. This procedure was done 9-10 days. After 5 days of doing nothing, and then rubbed again 5 days. Just 3-4 days after a shower, I towel and did not even hear a dried mole disappeared. We sat down to dinner with his wife, and she said that I seemed to be more beautiful has become. Then he says in amazement, saying that I understood the reason - have no moles you have. I looked in the mirror - not exactly, only a slight redness, which I think will soon pass. Then I showed the male mind and tell my wife that, so you did not believe and say that this is a divorce, it is owed to you.

As Petrosyan said - you would not believe - a bottle of good wine, it has exposed, for which she is very grateful. And most of all I thank the guys who sent this ointment not deceived. Practically apply their recommendations and will soon see the results. And the whole process - a painless and pleasant. Thank Stefalin!
Administrator comments: Thank you, Vladimir Ilyich soulful and is not an ordinary review. Health to you.