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Reviews of ointment to remove moles

Trompak Oksana, Mukacheve

Published: 15 февраля 2017
Hello! I was very pleased with your ointment, although I did not dare to buy for a long time. I was very much afraid of the consequences, but my ointment justified it. I advise everyone to apply ointment. Many thanks
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Kutsenko Inna, Kharkiv

Published: 14 декабря 2016
Good afternoon! I am very glad to write to you! I ordered the ointment, the removal process is very good, but since the moles were high - I'm afraid that I will not be able to remove until the new year. I am preparing a detailed photo report and a review, I want other users to appreciate this product, so I will recommend it to everyone, once again thank you very much !!!
Administrator comments: We look forward to receiving your feedback.
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Grigory, Kiev

Published: 22 ноября 2016
I cordially thank you for the opportunity to solve the problem this way. I had a papilloma on my back and neck. Pieces 20-25. And I do not even think to go to the doctor. It hurts too expensive to work out. I looked on the internet folk remedies for removing warts and found this site. It's simple, ordered New mail order came a day later. Inside the box of ointment and instructions. All is clear and simple. Thank you for your advice over the phone. It was important to hear the answer to my question. Use this ointment friends. Have experienced. Regards Gregory.
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Love, Kiev

Published: 30 сентября 2016
Thank you. Has removed plantar warts at the child. The treatment is not painful, a bit unpleasant. Lubricated 1 time a day - at night 1-2 weeks smeared - then left, then repeated. We were about 2 months old. THANK YOU!!!!
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Guzienko Valentin, Dnieper

Published: 14 сентября 2016
Hello dear Larissa. I unfortunately did not make the photo as you recommend, but I want to say a few words about the ointment that helped me solve my problems with moles. my scalp was the mole, how would the skirt and accordingly disturb me. I began to delete your ointment and very quickly she vanished. Time passed and I ordered another bottle and you have deleted several papillomok had me under his arm and hand. I want to express my gratitude to you and Svyatoslav Negrich, that such ointment was invented. Thank you, if possible, will recommend to my friends who have similar problems.
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Boyko Vita Vasilyevna, Nizhyn

Published: 26 июля 2016
Forgive me that I can not provide photos, did not make them, but I'm very pleased with the ointment. I removed my papilloma and after that I started to warts. I note that the papillomas are very quickly removed, but the warts are longer. I bought a bottle of 2 ml. And I had enough. I'm very pleased with everything, thank you very much.
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Repnitskii Galina, Novovolynsk

Published: 15 июля 2016
I have a lot of warts on his body, and there were those who necessarily need to remove them. I ordered a large bottle. Those that I have removed it was important, and the rest did not have the patience already. The rest of the ointment gave friends. Many thanks for the ointment.
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Victoria, Uman

Published: 13 июля 2016
After 2 years of writing this review. I really liked the ointment. I took 5 ml and it was enough to remove three large birthmarks. About two years ago I visited a doctor who noticed my birthmarks. They were on the neck. Anxious eyes and shake of the head caused me to ask him what was the matter. He said that I urgently need to be examined and possibly to remove moles. He gave me directions and called there for me to agree. After talking to I said that I was already waiting. I do not understand what he was saying and what I need to undergo the procedure was, but I still wanted to know how much I need to take the funds for the survey. About 2 thousand hryvnia, he said to me. And this is just a survey. I asked the son, and he had found on the site preparation for removing moles. I read reviews of people and realized that this was my chance. Removes the course for a long time, then it was worth it. Who were specks of course. But I am quite happy with it. I am very grateful to these people, Larissa, I could here so quickly and easily get rid of moles.
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Juliana, Ukraine

Published: 19 июня 2016
Stefalin ointment, ointment is very good against the removal of moles. Itself tried and others advise. Thank you very much to people and companies who have come up with such a good ointment.
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Kovalenko Vladimir Ilyich, Melovoye

Published: 4 марта 2016
Where a month ago, accidentally I came to the site, where it was my first 'acquaintance' with this ointment. Together with his wife in detail all read, then looked at video, find out the price. I think you can guess what my wife said. If not, here are her words: Do not toil foolishness, because you already 60 years old and do not you see that it is the same - a complete divorce for money. I said nothing, even nodded that he agreed with it.

A few days later I received a pension and decided to still enjoy STEFALIN. His wife, of course, is not dedicated to this cause. When received at the post office, it was only then told her. And then - a trick. Mazal mole, which was with me from childhood on his right cheek. A mole is quite large, about 8 mm in diameter and has performed over 3-4 mm skin. This procedure was done 9-10 days. After 5 days of doing nothing, and then rubbed again 5 days. Just 3-4 days after a shower, I towel and did not even hear a dried mole disappeared. We sat down to dinner with his wife, and she said that I seemed to be more beautiful has become. Then he says in amazement, saying that I understood the reason - have no moles you have. I looked in the mirror - not exactly, only a slight redness, which I think will soon pass. Then I showed the male mind and tell my wife that, so you did not believe and say that this is a divorce, it is owed to you.

As Petrosyan said - you would not believe - a bottle of good wine, it has exposed, for which she is very grateful. And most of all I thank the guys who sent this ointment not deceived. Practically apply their recommendations and will soon see the results. And the whole process - a painless and pleasant. Thank Stefalin!
Administrator comments: Thank you, Vladimir Ilyich soulful and is not an ordinary review. Health to you.
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Mole removal reviews feedback from our customers who have already used this folk remedy for removing moles!

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