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Cleansing the liver with radish

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Cleansing the liver with radish
Eating radish juice, it is necessary to abandon sharp acidic foods. Diet should be vegetarian. This means that you must exclude meat, eggs, butter cakes, "heavy" krahmalistuju food and fatty meals.

Take 10 kg radish must be very carefully washed, cut various damages. After this you can mince, and you do not need to remove the skins. Take the press or juicer and juice press. In the end, you should get about 3 litres of juice and cake. Fresh-squeezed juice stored in the refrigerator. The resulting cake you must mix with honey or sugar in the following proportions: (1 kg cake withdraws the order of 300 grams of honey or a kilo of sugar). Over consistency put gniot, and after insisting in a warm place.

Juice teaspoon ingested an hour after a meal. If there were no pain in liver area, then taken dose permitted increase to 1 tablespoon, you can then bring up the volume in half a glass of.

If pain in the liver, it may indicate congestion in the bile ducts stones and salt. To soothe the liver, we recommend applying a warm heating pad. It was found that pain is present exclusively in the first stages of drinking juice and subsequently undergo. Salt excreted silently and gradually, however, tangible result.

When you are finished with the juice, eat advises Bolotov B.v. cake. By the time he nastoitsja. Use: scheme on 1-3 tablespoons during meals. Take the cake it is necessary until it is completed. This will help strengthen the body, particularly the lung tissue and the cardiovascular system.

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