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Cleansing the liver of melons

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Cleansing the liver of melons
Liver cleansing with the help of the melon is a common course in folk medicine. The result of this technique is a feeling of rebirth, lightness, a favorable emotional background. The course lasts two weeks. It is easy to guess, that staple is melon. The most suitable variety are considered dark-green oblong fruits. Every day from 7 to 10:00 pm have to eat exclusively melons. The quantity is not limited. It is preferable that the meals were evenly distributed throughout the day. To do this, divide the melon on consumption stands 5 receptions.

A nice addition to the melon could become green iced tea. This drink activates the circulation of useful juices in such organs as the liver and pancreas. The tea should be allowed, as well as melon, consume in unlimited quantities. After 10:00 pm regulation method to eat and drink anything.

through the 2 week time to gradually return to your normal diet. The transition lasts about three days.

• after completion of the course the first day cleanse liver: as breakfast is allowed to eat two slices of white bread zasushennogo and drink hot green tea. For dinner prepare half a cup of rice, cooked in water. Evening meal should consist of two crackers and green tea. Allowed during the day, drinking one liter of juice from grapes, preferably dark varieties;

• second day: as dinner in the diet, you can add boiled vegetables, for example, potatoes, cabbage, Zucchini, carrot;

• third day: daily meals can consist of steamed vegetables and a small piece of cooked chicken. Breakfast and dinner look the same as in the previous version.

after 3 days you can continue to eat according to individual dietary habits. But forget not worth that overloading the liver toxins, cleansing the lightly. To save the results of purification, forego booze. Try eating less meat, smoked, canned goods, potato chips, pizza.

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