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Catharsis cabbage juice

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Catharsis cabbage juice
Catharsis using cabbage juice - it is not only the easiest, but also very 'tasty' way. Use it can absolutely everyone, since this method has no contraindications. It is useful even with a stomach ulcer, because it contained a large amount of vitamin U contributes to the rapid and efficient wound healing. The idea is that every morning to drink freshly squeezed cabbage juice. It is best to use for this purpose cabbage.

The first days you need to drink a little bit, for example, a quarter cup to allow the body to get used to the new product. Gradually, the dose can be increased up to 150-200 g

In the early days may flatulence. Do not worry. This is due to the presence of cabbage juice substances that act on accumulated toxins in the body. But if too much gas, and because of this there is discomfort, you can reduce the dose. Thus, at the same time it is going on and purgation. This you will understand when during a bowel movement will see what comes out something green or black.

Therefore, the cabbage juice is considered to be a universal remedy for complex cleansing the digestive system.

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