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Admission of patients Dr. Svyatoslav Negrich in Berdyansk

Опубликовано: 1 августа 2016 Просмотры: 1215

Admission of patients Dr. Svyatoslav Negrich in Berdyansk
In Berdyansk Svetoslav G. Negrich to August 22, 2016 on September 5, 2016 will conduct reception of patients in their homes at the address. O. Sukharev, d. 134 (Leningrad). All the willing and knowing from experience or hearsay know about the miraculous treatments can visit the doctor, pre-recorded are not welcome.

Many who previously used the services of Svetoslav G. aware that a visit to this wonderful man not only helps physical recovery of the body, but also enriches that sincere love, which the doctor has.

The doctor of traditional medicine Svetoslav G. Negrich

We do the same in turn lifted not a great film about the life and biography of Svetoslav G. and you will be able to see him soon.

Please note that to come to the doctor without warning can be fraught with the fact that at this time he will be patient and keep with the reception is not very well.

To make an appointment you can call us at the numbers listed on the website under Contacts.

What kind of disease cures Dr. Negrich?

A long list of diseases for which is taken to treat Svyatoslav Grigor'evich simply amazing. Is it possible to cure all these herbs? Dr. Long experience has shown that it is possible.

So: diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, hemorrhoids, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, leukemia, blood poisoning. brain tumors, inflammation of lymph nodes, thyroid inflammation. Skin diseases, psoriasis, eczema. Sexually transmitted diseases, papillomas, sebaceous cysts, moles, warts, talc, ischemia, arrhythmia, heart disease. Rehabilitation after stroke, fibroid, fibroids, cysts, breast.

Multiple story of Svyatoslav is Nerigich here.

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Viktoriya Viktorovna Pol
10.01.2017 21:21
My husband Svetoslav G. cured. He had psoriasis. What we just did not use all the infinite sense. Negricha have been five times and he gave us his medication, saying what to do. We did everything exactly. I thank him very much. 4 months Anatoly psoriasis disappeared. Having been our doctor, Shimovskogo Valentine, my husband, he is constantly examined, it is our friend. He was genuinely surprised and happy for us that turned out to solve this problem. He says that the traditional methods of health care is often the best.
15.08.2016 17:28
I know this man. I'm glad it will take. Be sure to visit.
Valentina Andreevna
08.08.2016 00:16
Very, very surprised and pleased. When Svyatoslav Grigor'evich still lived in Berdyansk, and when she was alive Stefania Stepanovna I led him to the tourists, the very same live at AKZ, the man had psoriasis on the hands, abdomen and neck. That they drank and what they anointed did not know, but after a year he came as a cucumber. Then another 3 years come. Of psoriasis as well as debts.

My son is a mole removed from Svetoslav G., long time, too, it was already. Be sure to tell friends. Thank you for the news.

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