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Removed the wart celandine then had to remove liquid nitrogen

Author: Luba Kei Published: Views: 819

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Removed the wart celandine then had to remove liquid nitrogen
A long time ago on my arm I noticed a small wart, somewhere 2 mm in diameter. Without thinking twice, I decided to get rid of it. On the Internet, I found a simple and cheap way to remove warts - celandine. I bought it at the pharmacy and proceeded to the procedure. Everything was done according to the instructions, but something went wrong. As a result, I had a deep burn with a diameter of 10 mm. Healed all very slowly, but I did not get rid of the wart, on the contrary, she grew up and took the place of a burn in full size. The sight is terrible. For about a year I went and saw it on my hand.

Wart before removal

Removed the wart celand then had to be removed with liquid nitrogen - until removed

It's time to part with the wart. I was not afraid. On the advice of a relative, I went to a certain clinic. Now more in detail. The method of removal I chose with liquid nitrogen. The doctor was a man, he was courteous and responsive. The procedure cost me 200 rubles. Explaining to me the whole principle, he incidentally burned the wart. It was absolutely not painful! It took about half a minute. The doctor prescribed me a disinfectant ointment, which needed to be smeared for 5 days. Somewhere by that time the wart had disappeared. I was incredibly happy.

Scar from removal

Removed the wart celand then had to be removed with liquid nitrogen - after removal

Now at this place I have a scar 10x5 mm, but it does not bother me at all. The scar is explained by the peculiarity of my skin, most of the deepest scratches I have left 'in memory'. In fact, he does not disfigure his hand, a wart disfigured his hand.

Nastya Ostrovsky, Stavropol
12.03.2016 09:18
I also removed the liquid nitrogen itself, and nephew, too. Perhaps this is the most reliable way. Do it quickly and efficiently, and most importantly cheap. I have a scar on a finger in time became almost invisible. A nephew on his heel so no scar at all. Probably the size and depth depends warts. But traditional methods, I never used, I do not believe it in such cases. I understand that all the people who have left a review on how to delete Stefalinom not lie, I think it's true all. Just my opinion is that you need only specialists to solve such problems. Yourself what you want nachudit possible.
27.02.2016 07:07
Если делать удаление в клинике, тогда ладно, а самим лучше даже не пробовать. Я знаю много случаев когда удаление бородавки или родинки закончилось не очень хорошо! А за вас я рада!
24.02.2016 07:14
Есть и удачные примеры удаления чистотелом. Знакомая удаляла им мелкие родинки. Я бы побоялась. Уж лучше довериться людям с медицинским образованием и опытом. Хотя и к ним идти тоже страшно.
22.02.2016 06:25
Поделюсь с вами своим способом удаления. Была небольшая бородавка на среднем пальце. Из народных методов, чего только не пробовал, ничего не помогало и даже наоборот. Однажды чистил ванну санокс гелем и забыл одеть перчатки. На след день отметил, что бородавка почернела внутри и подсохла. Попробовал вечером уже точечно, на нее капнул, подержал какое-то время. И так несколько дней подряд. Где-то на пятый-шестой день отковырнул ее ногтем, ни шрама, ни следа. И больше нигде рядом не появляются.

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