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Ointment for removing moles, warts,
warts - Stefalin

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  •  painless removal
  •  It is left scars on body
  •  no rough on the skin
  •  at home, comfort
  •  easy to use, readable and understandable instruction
  •  absence of side effects, complications, no complaints
  •  saving money, time and nerves
  •  consulting support - Free

Ointment Stefalin has a special natural feature of the removal of tumors and is a unique substance in the series
traditional medicine.

The composition of the ointment to remove moles

Ointment Stefalin - this exclusive tool of folk medicine for removing moles and warts consists of 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any chemical additives. In the ointment Stefalin is to collect different herbs and roots, inflorescences collected in the high slopes of the Carpathians, as well as being imported from other countries. Herbs are going in completely different periods of growth and flowering. At this time the necessary amount of substances stored in them.

Some herbs for cooking brew (no alcohol) - it is the basis of the ointment. Because of this, high penetration ointment Stefalin delivers materials to the root of moles, warts. The rest of the drying and collection of passes it prepares powder which subsequently is mixed with infusion.

Interview with ointment producer - Stephanie Stepanovna Negrich

Feedback from our customers to take the ointment to remove moles Stefalin

Guryanov Sergey Evgenievich, city Berdyansk

Guryanov Sergey Evgenievich
city Berdyansk

As you can see in the photo, a large mole has formed on my face over the years. Constantly growing and as a result became very large. It's time to look for a removal tool and among other things, looke...
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Matvienko Olesya Ivanovna, city Chernivtsi

Matvienko Olesya Ivanovna
city Chernivtsi

My dad (born 1954) keratopapilloma appeared on the inner side of the thigh in 1986 after a long stay in the sun. For years she did not bother him, just looked unattractive. He did not treat her with a...
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Zankevich Natalia Aleksandrovna, city Vinnitsa

Zankevich Natalia Aleksandrovna
city Vinnitsa

I had as many as 6 moles, from 2 mm to 8 mm. I did not consult with doctors, I did not have to. A large number of positive reviews about the ointment influenced me to make such a decision to use this ...
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Fadeeva Alisa Vyacheslavovna, city Lucan

Fadeeva Alisa Vyacheslavovna
city Lucan

Ointment Stefalin I decided to remove after I found the description and composition. I liked that the ointment was made from medicinal herbs. I trust folk medicine more. One of my moles is too big and...
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Bronstein Eugene, city Dnieper

Bronstein Eugene
city Dnieper

Ointment Stefalin I managed to remove moles and papillomas, small and large. It all started with the fact that my friend advised me to this ointment. He disappeared after 3 days, small papillomas, eve...
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Chizh Irina Zinovievna, city Gusyatin, Ternopil region

Chizh Irina Zinovievna
city Gusyatin, Ternopil region

My husband and I had papillomas and flat moles. There was a question how to get rid of them. Friends advised Stefalin ointment. We decided to try. My husband had about eight, I have about six. Their s...
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