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Plain and complex facial massage

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Plain and complex facial massage
The person - a part of the body that needs special attention. When we communicate with people, the first thing we turn our attention - that person. If we have a girl, we subconsciously assess the degree of grooming - skin, make-up, hairstyle. And agree, well-groomed face looks more charming and attractive. When skin is healthy, you do not need to spend a lot of time on makeup to hide all the flaws. This reduces not only the time for the morning treatment but also helps you to save your money.

The older we get, the more effort must be applied to keep the youth of the skin. Facial skin is delicate and at the same time it takes care of all the blows of the environment: sun, wind, cold, dampness. She needs care and protection. In addition to applying day cream and make-up, you can treat various skin treatments.

Face contour

To improve the contour of the face and make the skin taut helps classic massage. This is not a complicated procedure and accessible to everyone, you have to do a bit of practice and persistence.

What changes do you expect:
- Increase skin tone
- Improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage
- Leave small wrinkles
- Will be a better complexion
- You will see that the swelling went down with eyes
- Skin will look much younger
- Tighten the facial contour
- By increasing blood circulation, even vision may improve

Metabolic processes in the skin

When you do the massage stimulates blood circulation, and thus the skin gets more oxygen, which increases regenerative and metabolic processes. Like the rest of our body skin can accumulate a slag. Massage helps to remove all the 'junk' in our skin by cleaning it and making it attractive.
If you think that facial massage, this is a topic only for ladies aged, it is not so. Yes, massage helps to get rid of existing wrinkles, but also it can prevent them. What will help you to maintain youth and beauty for years to come. Also it will help you reduce the appearance of acne.

Manual facial massage is able to reduce stress, improve your mood, lift your mood, relax the muscles. Moreover, massaging the face, your whole body gets energy boost, positive and fun. You feel renewed, self-confident, full of energy.

We found that hand massage is very useful not only for the face, it has a positive effect on the whole body.

How do you do it?

There are basic techniques that are used in classic massage. We begin with stroking, go on kneading, rubbing, and then finish the vibration. If you are difficult to do all four phases of the massage, you can cut it down to two phases - stroking and rubbing. For best effect, you can use a variety of creams and massage oils. These funds should be chosen according to your skin type, as well as the need to remember that all cosmetics can cause allergies. Carefully read the composition.

Consider just a massage technique

All movements of massage should be done gently and carefully, and only the massage lines, to avoid unnecessary stretching of the skin.

1. We start from the corners of the mouth movements and head to the bottom of the ear
2. Find the middle of the chin and move the lower jaw to the ear lobe
3. Next, go from the motion of the wings of the nose to the top of the ear
4. Go to the eyes and gently massaging the line - the inner corner of the upper eyelid - outer corner of the century
5. On the forehead movements go from the center to the temples
6. Traffic on the lower eyelid made back - from the outer to the inner corner.

No matter how good a facial massage, but like all procedures it has its contraindications. If you have any sores, cuts, abrasions or other types of disorders of the skin, boils, cold sores, you can not carry out massage until you get rid of all these problems.

To massage given your results and you see changes in your skin, you need to make 15-20 sessions at intervals of 1-2 days. The duration of treatment may be about 10-15 minutes. It depends on your skin's thickness. The thinner the skin on the face, the lower the duration of the procedure.

Beautiful skin - is the key to excellent health, self-confidence. A minimum of make-up and you are ready to conquer the world with their beauty and attractiveness.

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