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Facial massage with the usual honey

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Facial massage with the usual honey
Honey - a great tool to rejuvenate the skin by means of massage. It contains antioxidants that prolong the youthfulness of the skin, stimulate, regenerate it. Honey massage can be used regardless of your skin type. If you have dry skin, the honey will help nourish the cells with moisture, if you have oily skin with enlarged pores, it is perfectly cope with this problem - the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the pores narrowed. Just honey massage will help you to remove black dots, nourish the skin with vitamins. She will get a nice color, is soft and silky.

Honey can cause allergic reactions. To pleasant procedure does not become a problem, it is necessary to do the test. Apply honey on the back of your hand, massage and see the reaction of the skin. If you do not feel discomfort, then you can begin to massage the face.

But where do we begin this process?

1. The skin before the massage is required to be cleaned from cosmetics and creams.
2. On the net to put his hand a little honey. His fingers gently stir him to accept a uniform consistency (if he thickish) and warmed to body temperature.
3. Fingers legenky we put honey on the face pat, distribute it over the entire surface of the skin.
4. pat pat fingers goes into your palms and so no more than 10 minutes.

If you experience discomfort or painful sensation appears, you must immediately stop the massage, honey rinse. After the procedure, rinse the honey with warm water, apply a moisturizer.
What happens to your skin after the procedure?
Honey removes the dead outer layer of skin, resulting in the growth of new cells begins. Black dots disappear, along with traces of acne. Increase the skin's sensitivity to light and heat. The skin will be smooth and pleasant to the touch.

How often can I do this procedure?

It depends on the condition of your skin. You can take a course of 10-15 days (do every other day). If the purpose of prevention - 2-3 times a week. Honey massage can be combined with other treatments for the skin.
Procedure pleasant and useful for those who are not allergic to honey. Pamper your skin and be beautiful!

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