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Convex reddish brown reminiscent of a wart

Author: Maria Sapozhkova Published: Views: 192

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Convex reddish brown reminiscent of a wart
Neck bulge appeared rough to the touch, reminiscent of wart. She is a red-brown color, not sore, but looks unattractive. Thought this pimple or wound, tried to remove mechanically, finally made only worse: it turns out the wart under sores ...

Now prizhgla iodine (pictured) to not put anything into the blood and does not leave a scar. However, the bulge under the sores. Since the wart is located behind the neck, particularly live does not interfere, but would like to get rid of forever. The doctor has not appealed, as did not think that everything is so seriously (thought it is a pimple or sore).


Convex reddish brown reminiscent of a wart

I ask for recommendations.

Answer specialist

Maria, your birthmark is almost not convex, judging by the photos. Removal of ointment Stefalin is possible of course, but most likely the stain can remain, because The structure of your birthmark is vague, under the skin and when applying ointment to such a non-convex birthmark, the ointment will penetrate deeper and may not remain a large pit. In other words, if you remove Stefalin, it's very, very little. Watch to not overdo it.

20.01.2017 19:57
Do not delete, it will not bring anything bad to you
19.01.2017 01:43
Do not you do Maria nonsense. You do not have such a big birthmark. Slightly noticeable. Would be there convex or hurt.
Do not risk, if it will grow, well, then think about the removal.
There is a lot of information on this ointment on the Internet, but there is also the fact that it is not certified in the Ministry of Health.
Dear Olga.
you're absolutely right. Ointment is not registered in the Ministry of health, is not sold in pharmacies and doesn't have all those certificates and documents which accompany every medicinal product.
But let you know that those who now issues licenses and certificates for every product, perfectly understand those who want this drug advance in pharmacy. First-this is a great income, and secondly, it's a legal scheme to receive shares (in the form of tax or bribes) with promoted the item.

If only it were so simple, of course, this ointment certified and distributed through a network of pharmacies. But alas, there they have their own business, ' the family '.

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