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Moles on the face do not disturb, but they spoil the aesthetic appearance and I would like to remove them

Author: Nadezhda Zobnina Published: Views: 514

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Moles on the face do not disturb, but they spoil the aesthetic appearance and I would like to remove them
Hello, I have the following problem. On the eyebrows, at the base I have a mole, which continues to grow, that bothers me greatly. I absolutely do not remember when I got it, though it is a bit strange. Just in one day, when I once again vyshhipyvala eyebrows, I noticed. Mole on hurts, absolutely no worries and I even forget about it for a while, but it messes up my appearance. Every time I draw attention to it in the mirror, I spoil the mood for the all the time until I forget about it again.

My mother a similar mole and even two. But they are both located on her shoulder and certainly not as noticeable as mine. When I asked her mom said that grow her moles have become about the twentieth year in her life and grew in size gradually and imperceptibly, as mine.

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Moles on the face do not disturb, but they spoil the aesthetic appearance and I would like to remove them

The second mole that bothers me, is located near the nose and how it seems to me, too, gradually increasing its size. Also I can't say exactly when it began to grow and when generally appeared. The second Mole is not too sore and does not cause me any discomfort. But due to them both I have begin to develop complexes about my appearance. When people look at me wherever I was, I always think they look exactly on my moles. And it's all me terribly irritating and unnerving. Many times I was going to go to the hospital to a specialist and find out how you can remove my moles and not dangerous. But by nature I'm very cowardly person and apparently so until specialist I have so far not been reached. Most of all, I'm afraid to hear what the growth of my moles linked to any illness, and because of this fear, I find it easier to live in ignorance. But whatever it is I have a great desire to get rid of both the moles and reclaim comfortable condition.

To be honest, I don't have an idea how you can get rid of the hated me moles, but is willing to have any. The main thing is that it be as painless and after the procedure left the least noticeable scar. Very scared that the moles will continue to grow, and just as discreetly as they grew before. So now I'm completely on the nastroilas' internally to remove them and to all the necessary procedures.

I'm just confident that when they will not again I will feel more confident and all my complexes related to appearance, leave.

Thank you for your attention, I hope very much for your help.

Answer specialist

Hello. Moles can be removed and in some cases even necessary, because they can bring a lot of troubles in the future. In your case you can remove sunscreen Stefalin. The procedure is not painful, but takes a while. You need to be prepared for the fact that facial moles become darker (from ointments), then the crust is formed and when it is no longer needed, you can talk about further actions: the process has been completed and look forward to the restoration of skin or need another cycle of the wax. But before you begin remove moles (in any way), you need to get rid of fear and be sure that you use them correctly and the procedure will benefit you. Learn and make a decision. Bless you.

28.08.2016 05:22
I was interested in the answer of a specialist about Stefalin. Honestly, I've never heard of such a tool before. Of course, I would try first to apply this ointment. And then look at the circumstances, but take your time with surgical removal. But this is only my opinion. I deleted my small birthmark on my neck with a laser, but I did not know about other methods of disposal. Now I would go the way that I advise you.
Irina Sergienko
24.08.2016 13:39
First need to calm down. Don't get hung up on your problem and solve it. Looked at your photo. What can I say. This of course is my opinion. Mole on the eyebrows, spoils the appearance. From such moles, I would have tried to eliminate in the first place. The second Mole near the nose, you go. But while it's small. If a mole starts to grow, then it will be very ugly. Can get rid of two moles right away, or you can wait and see how behaves a mole near the nose. After all, you can get rid of it at any time. But if you so worried about both and liking you their opponent. Remove the two immediately without thinking.
23.08.2016 17:16
I think that if these moles have the ability to remove, it is worth removing. But only in a good medical institution and a good specialist, so that later there would be no problems.
16.08.2016 13:32
Yes, it does not look very cute. As for me, birthmarks spoil the face, and if it is possible to remove them, then it is better to do it. The main thing is that no visible scars remain in their place.
16.08.2016 13:19
In your case it can be said that birthmarks clearly will increase in the future. So how likely is an inherited from your mom. I have by the way their parents too have moles on your face. So over the years, they are getting bigger. That's why I suggest that the existence of two moles on the face, can bring you not only the aesthetic discomfort, but also a concern for health. After all, if a mole grows, changes shape or colour, then it can be cancerous in nature. In case of injury, there may be unforeseen consequences. Though on the face hurt its easy enough, since this part of the body we most often my, and women often make mechanical scrubbing, so you need to be cautious.
In General, based on this, I would in your place to start asked the doctor to check their character. If he does not find anything wrong (but I think you are all good), you should immediately begin to remove them. And it is better to start try known pharmaceutical means or ointment Stefalin. It's your choice. Fear is not worth it, because this procedure is not terrible.

I have to remove the warts on his face and I can say that you need to tune into a positive mood and everything will be fine. So, I think you all will be fine and your moles safely descend without laser surgery.
08.08.2016 09:29
Hope, I have about two of your moles try to give you two pieces of advice. Mole on the eyebrows do not advise udalat surgically, because it violated the eyebrows bulbs and new hairs will not grow on this place. Here you can Stefalinom. But with respect to the mole near the nose - at your discretion - can be removed, but only in a medical facility, but you can also use the ointment. But do not do it at the same time, delete one by one.

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