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Mole on the back with hairs inside and was prematurely damaged

Author: Chmykhalovs Published: Views: 743

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Mole on the back with hairs inside and was prematurely damaged
Hello! My husband has a lot of moles, the bulk of which is at the back. All moles from childhood, and none until recently not hassled, specifically, the husband and now they do not disturb, worry about them only I. Mother-in-law in childhood does not attach value to numerous rodinkam on the body of her husband, and not even remember whether they had so many from childhood or which emerged over time.

the fact is that about 5 years ago during work, spouse with clawing one of moles. Go to the doctor, he didn't want to, it is there for any reason it is very difficult to tighten, so here we treat a scratched Mole hydrogen peroxide, then sealed a one-time band-aid with a green striped soaked, and after a while the blood stopped after some time practically no damage was not seen. After about a year the mole began, albeit very slowly, increasing in diameter by touch she became softer than other moles, and now, after 5 years, it's already almost 1 centimeter in diameter, soft and high (above) has grown by 3-5 mm.

Mole on the back with hairs inside

Mole on the back with hairs inside

There are strong experiences in this regard, since there are tragic events ... my aunt 15 years ago, died after surgery to remove a large mole, sort of as it was a malignant some kind of byaka .. there is no one to ask for details now.

How moles look

Mole on the back with hairs inside

The size of my mole

Mole on the back with hairs inside

Therefore, I want to ask for practical advice, what are our further actions, is it worth panic? Is this birthmark dangerous? Is it possible to check this out as something? Where to go? A husband is difficult to persuade on anything in terms of treatment, but if there are competent recommendations, I think he will agree, especially since several other moles, also on the back, have the same shape, only in a smaller diameter and they have long been soft and convex.

Answer specialist

08.08.2016 22:48
I would place your husband still go to the doctor. If a birthmark is increased in size, it can lead to bad consequences, including death, if it is found oncology.

I think that these opportunities will make her husband to go to a specialist! Especially now many available methods to remove moles. No self! Only from your description, I did not understand: the mole pain upon contact or not?
Anna Prokhorova, Kiev
08.08.2016 11:24
I had a mole on his back, still quite large about 1cm. I thought it to grow in size, but not very fast. not interfere in principle, I have not felt and thought much about it. Until you went to the power shower and I hurt her. Addressed to the doctor. Moles had to be removed, as the doctor said - a ticking time bomb. If you are worried about this mole, remove it and forget it.
21.07.2016 05:28
I also have a mole on his back, about her doctor said that bad and need to be removed. She did not seem to grow, but the circuit is similar to a mole, like your husband. I also remember that the doctor pointed at the attention it is due to the rim. Ahead of time experience is certainly not necessary, but you need to consult a doctor, and even better in a few.
18.07.2016 16:03
My father in law were also similar birthmarks all over her body and a lot of. He wanted to remove some, but something stopped him, a doctor, he did not hit. And then the one that with the hairs started to grow and hurt. When turned to the doctor, it turned out that already progressed to the second stage of melanoma. Many were treated, even in Israel, have tried all available means. But, alas, the year he died. But if we insist on treatment, and he addressed earlier, things might have been different.
18.07.2016 15:37
On this matter it is better not to delay, since it is likely that the mole will continue to grow. And the larger the mole, and the problem is serious. Especially since you have a bitter example of the loss of a loved one. So put an ultimatum to the spouse and forth to the hospital.
15.07.2016 22:37
I also have a lot of moles on spine.Oni different sizes. in most of the smaller, but there is one big and I was a little worried about this povodu.Takzhe birthmark on the chin has a small, but with dark hairs that I pull out. Once and thought it was not about the treatment to the doctor.

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