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The papilloma under the arm or a muscle disturbs and some times touched it or her

Author: Julia Khudyakova Published: Views: 406

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The papilloma under the arm or a muscle disturbs and some times touched it or her
Ask your advice about removing Papilloma (or birthmarks-do not know what it specifically) in the armpit. How many can remember-she is always with me. It gives me discomfort, especially when shaving: since it is hanging, every time I'm afraid her accidentally shave off. Yes and it looks not very nice (sometimes ashamed to hand raise).

wondered whether this procedure to sit any tests or scrapings to determine its benign or malignancy? What time of year it is better to do it? Wound healed quickly after the deletion (I live in Krasnodar, and in the summer we have a very hot-pot pouring stream)? Oh and what is the most effective way to remove?

Papilloma under the armpit

The papilloma under the arm or a muscle disturbs and some times touched it or her

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To remove a mole, you can paste Stefalin. Do tests or not, you decide. How will run the uninstall process depends on the size of the moles and the density of the tissue. Procedure can be done at any time convenient for you. Each method of disposal has its pros and cons. Learn and make a decision.

On our website in the section you can find many reviews commented that wrote such people like you have a problem. There are those who did analysis. There are those who did not want to do and just used the ointment Stefalin and have great results.

Maybe for some people is not acceptable remove moles or papillomas in such a simple way is to smear cream. But we know that to delete similar birthmarks and papillomas — not a matter of life and death, and the question of choice of ways to remove. Look, do the math and decide.

11.08.2016 22:22
Surgery, of course, not necessary, because the armpit are the lymph nodes, which can be damaged by accident. But a blood test is necessary. So, you'll know how much progress you have this virus, and if the cancers threat. 'Stefalin' good ointment, causing it to clean skin at night, lie down on the bed and put his hand behind his head, under his arm to remain as long as possible to dry. The healing process for each individual. You have a problematic area. If all the time there will be no moisture, then it heals soon. Treatment start better when the heat subside.
08.08.2016 09:31
Birthmark on a place like you do it inconvenient during shaving, but to remove it surgically, I would not recommend it because of its location. Try less traumatic methods for removing, Stefalin the same as it is in the armpit wound healing is long and painful through excessive sweating.

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