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A huge number of birthmarks on the body

Author: Victoria Arzamasova Published: Views: 195

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A huge number of birthmarks on the body
I have a huge number of moles on the body. But not all of them do not bother me. There are convex, little more. There are tiny. Due to this the number of moles I have human papilloma virus. It is based on the testimony of the doctor and after putting many different analyses.

Here wanted to consult about the latest moles, which bothers me. It is convex. Located just below the shoulder. Not kovyrjaju, do not touch. Convex she became in itself. The doctor says that you have to pass a biopsy analysis and check, malignant or not. But I would like to receive additional information, whether it is impossible to do without this in any way?

The photo attached of me clear similar Mole.

Birthmark on the body

A huge number of birthmarks on the body

And if you delete it, how does it happen? In general, it is very scary that there are many birthmarks on the body and they increase, and sometimes I'm afraid to go to the doctor and hear something terrible. Or maybe one-time removal of all moles at once?
Because of this, and I am afraid to sunbathe, and in summer you can not fly to a hot country, rest is not a rest.

I really hope for your consultation as competent specialists. I also want to note that I am against the removal of all sorts of lasers there, I would like the people's method.

Answer specialist

Hello. To identify benign mole or not, you really need to sit for the examination. Visually, you can only guess.
Sorry no such pills to at one point all the moles are gone. In any case, this is a process that takes time and requires patience.
If delete you can paste to smear several moles. To understand how ointment acts as both a process, you better study the information on the site.
About sunbathing is bad for the skin overall, regardless there are moles or not. From the Sun they can just appear.

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