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Mole in the armpit with teens

Author: Tanya Ushakov, Moscow Published: Views: 181

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Mole in the armpit with teens
His mole , located in the armpit, I found only in adolescence. When I was little, and it did not notice this education. Yes, probably rarely any kids drop his armpits. And I, of course, is no exception. And in the age of 16-17 years are already starting to grow hair first and you have to more carefully look after themselves and shave appeared shoots. That's when the first strokes of the blade, I felt a sharp pain. From the wound started to bleed. When we look at his armpit in the mirror, I found quite a large birthmark. The view was not very nice.

After the wound was delayed, I was in the company of her mother went to found it, sorceress. On the site, I saw granny, old as the mammoth bones that something was whispering over my mole, smeared with tincture of smelly, and in the end even spat. Hmm ... medieval methods. But we solemnly promised that the mole is definitely gone. But a month passed. And then two, and confusing, as there was no and no. It seemed to me that the mole has become even more.
Continue the struggle with the mole took place even more interesting. My mother, having heard the Board 'wise' practices, began experimenting.

Then the struggle with the mole took place even more interesting. My mother, having heard the Board 'wise' practices, began experimenting.

Mole in the armpit

Mole in the armpit with teens

I had to go to bed with garlic tied to a mole, lubricate it with iodine at five times a day. Drinking pineapple juice to a liter a day - it's flowers. Juice still hate. Berry in this ritual has decided to make vinegar. Essence birthmark burned morning and evening during the month. Frankly, I'm no longer tired not from the fact of the presence of a birthmark under his arm, and all these dances with tambourines around her removal. But the more we make an effort, the more unfortunate mole growing up. Already even it hurt just to keep his hand steady. I think it's just different from burns and experiments.

I am already 21, and the ill-fated new formation is still in place. True, it causes less trouble, but terribly angry. Especially when I go to open dresses. It is a shame sometimes the handrail to take the subway.

I do not know what else to do with it. I stumbled upon your site and looked through a lot of information. I know one thing - many of your ointment helped. Therefore, most likely, and in my case it will help. But just in case I ask your advice. Attaching photo. Thank you in advance.


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