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Reddish-pink birthmark worried and often hurt her

Author: Anna Varchak Published: Views: 387

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Reddish-pink birthmark worried and often hurt her
Hello! Tell me, please, I have that mole on the body (pictured), she has a different color from the rest, i.e. it reddish diffuse pink. other moles or Brown, or more beige. Particularly care what it often inadvertently zadevaju, t. e. clothing natiraju, when cheshu and stuff.

Very much fear that it could be reborn as malignant, so thinking about how to remove. But many times heard that then their moles on the body can become much more. Is this true? Whether to go for delete?


Reddish-pink birthmark worried and often hurt her

And the second question in the method of removal, some doctors say that the laser can not be of childbearing age, because It strongly affects DNA. Then what is better to choose a laser, cutting out or all the same with your ointment it is possible?
Thank you in advance.

Answer specialist

We are not specialists in the field of laser removal of moles. How this method affects DNA can not say. We only know for Stefalin's ointment. There were people who even removed cancerous moles (although doctors did not recommend it and predicted problems) and the removal process was crowned with success. Many people who enjoyed Stefalin happy. This is the only one and we consider a weighty argument - customer feedback.

27.08.2016 12:36
Familiar with your problem firsthand. In the neck area first appeared a small speck, which over time has become more convex and like what I see in the photo. In principle, the wouldn't hurt me. However, over time, began to appear the irritation from the collars of clothing. Removed Laser clinic. About the harm I talked nothing procedure. Even now there is no trace and I feel calmer. About Stefallina to say I can't, not enjoyed. For the sake of interest now venerated reviews about the product. Write mostly good or neutral. If he is so effective, then of course it's better laser. If I had such ointment know tried it first. Well, after consultation with the doctor, of course.
Anton Smolov
26.08.2016 22:24
My wife last year to remove the moles on your back and neck surgery, simply put it removed with a scalpel and then had to be disinfected, from time to time. After removing the we a week or more, put compresses, disinfected-streptocidom, were treated with hydrogen peroxide. Initially remained large and ugly scars. A year has passed, scars remain. They gradually disappear, but have the appearance of lumps of colors different from colour. If you knew in advance that there are Stefalin, not were fooled with a head. You don't have to ride, looking for a good doctor, and then suffer with the processing and wait until the inflammation will fall and leave scars. They gradually go away, but the effect is still not such as I would like. But there is a reverse real effect. The mother-in-law, the man enough bojazglivyj and pedantic, did not dare to surgical removal of moles in cleavage and neck, and Stefalinom. As a result, after a few applications of moles it have killed them to cease to exist and, and there are no scars or any particularly visible traces, which now generally become normal skin. The main thing is that all the components of the natural. Effect of Stefalina striking, so listen to stories that better remove moles with the surgeon is not worth it. Agrees that moles worth checking out before deleting, but Stefalin will do the rest.

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