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I touched the birthmark on his back and started to bleed. Now I think how to remove and what

Author: Elena Kerzhakov, Moscow Published: Views: 115

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I touched the birthmark on his back and started to bleed. Now I think how to remove and what
Hello. I have a mole on his back, from which I would like to get rid of. The reason for this is that it prevents me calm and relaxed life and not think about it constantly. It appeared I had a very long time, as a child, but throughout life grew with me and took the form of a protruding birthmark, not flattened sides.

It was recently the case when on vacation, I fell on a rocky hill, and as it rolled down on it, just his back and the place where I have is this mole. As a result, a mole itself no matter how much detached from the body, the blood went. I slapped her a band-aid, after a certain amount of time and it has grown again to the body. Now, no fine wool to rub the back can not be, if I forget about it, it hurts sharply, by friction on this place. In addition, the husband often touches the hand when taking the waist and hugs. I have to constantly think about it, so that no one hurt, no sudden movements.

I touched the birthmark on his back and began to bleed

To the doctor I did not go, because I'm afraid that will be cut or burn, although I understand that you need to get rid of it, as the constant thoughts about the mole I exhausting, but terribly afraid of pain. I think how to get rid of it safely and if it's possible. I read reviews of your ointments and see that this method is more likely for me.

What say. Sending photos moles. Please take a look and decide whether that's a birthmark remove me?


Just such a mole removed ointment Stefalin simple. Examples where customers have removed like a mole - a lot. Look in the section reviews.

We always advise people to be removed when the mole is in the damage risk. Do not rip off nice mole. Therefore, you are advised to remove mandatory. You choose which way to do it. We offer Stefalin because they are confident in the effectiveness of this tool. Otherwise I would not engage in its dissemination.

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