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How to remove a birthmark, a wart or a papilloma?

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It is important to know before removal, during and after removal of the birthmark

  •  Before beginning the application of the ointment to remove the moles, stir the contents of the vial gently to a homogeneous consistency.
  •  With a hanging birthmark, you should be careful. Cover around the birthmark with a paper patch to avoid damaging the skin accidentally, when touched moles to the body.
  •  The procedure for applying the ointment is to choose the time in which you are least active (basically it's 30 or 60 minutes before bedtime). This is necessary to not wet the mole the next 4 hours after applying ointment.
  •  Apply the ointment carefully so as not to touch the surface of the skin around the removed mole. If necessary, glue the adhesive.
  •  You need to smear 1 time a day. If necessary, perform the removal procedure faster - 2 times a day. Be sure to follow the instructions, do not wet the birthmark.

In the process of removing the birthmark

  •  Possible short-term redness around the mole, itchy. Do not scratch.
  •  Remove at the same time allowed no more than 10 papillomas or 5 mild-sized mids.
  •  In case of severe pain or inflammation, do not worry. Take a break for 2-3 days until redness and inflammation come down. Then smear until the crust is formed (in general, 5-7 days) and make a break for a week. It is necessary to understand the following: each birthmark reacts to the ointment in different ways. One only bakes, the other does not even itch.
  •  The formed crust will look like a crust after healing of the usual wound, which will gradually begin to separate from the surface.
  •  This crust can be removed by yourself. It is best to steam it (take a shower or hold a birthmark in warm water) and gently remove the crust.
  •  It is necessary to apply the ointment again for 3-6 days (this depends on the height of the remaining tubercle).
  •  Then we make a break in the removal of the birthmark - a crust is formed. It is better not to take off the crust, wait until it falls off, so that then there is no scar or cavity left.
  •  When, after removing the crust, you can see that a small depression has formed, you need to look closely and see the roots. They are very tiny, black or white. Apply a little ointment on them. This is the last procedure, where the ointment acts necessarily on the roots.
  •  The place on which you had a mole with time is prolonged and compared with the color of the skin. Especially after the summer season, after sunbathing. If the mole was located deep under the skin, then there may be a bright spot. If this is papilloma, then after the separation of the crust, there will be an even place.
  •  Do not use ointment during pregnancy and lactation
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