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Information about ointment Stefalin

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What is part of the ointment and is the composition harmful to the body?

Stefalin ointment consists of a special collection of medicinal herbs that grow in the Carpathians and other parts of the world. The detailed composition of the ointment can be viewed on the pageStructure of the ointment Stefalin.
The composition of the ointment does not include chemical components, as well as auxiliary substances to increase its volume (which is often used in the pharmaceutical industry).
Ointment does not affect the body as a whole. It acts directly on the birthmark, destroying its cells (unless, of course, it does not spread anything else). Does not cause allergic reactions.

What consistency does Stefalin ointment have?

Ointment has a dark green color and a pungent odor. The consistency resembles a cream. It is well applied to the mole and does not drain off it. Before applying, it is advisable to mix the ointment or shake in a vial.

Is the ointment sold in pharmacies and certified in Ukraine?

At the moment, Stefalin ointment does not apply to medical products. According to the legislation of Ukraine, it refers to traditional medicine, therefore it does not have quality certificates, production licenses. Accordingly, there is no way to distribute it through pharmacies.

Application of ointment Stefalin

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If you use ointment on healthy skin?

If the ointment has got on the healthy skin, you should immediately wash it off or wipe it off. Short-term exposure to ointment on the skin will not cause harm. But if you regularly touch the skin with plastering, then a burn can subsequently occur.

Can an ointment provoke the degeneration of a birthmark into a malignant one?

For many years of the use of Stefalin ointment, no case has been revealed for the birth of a mole to begin to regenerate. If you remove the birthmark to the end, then there will be nothing to regenerate. It is worth remembering that the ointment is based on natural ingredients and does not contain a chemical compound.

How often should I apply a mole?

Ointment should be applied once a day, preferably in the evening after all hygienic procedures. After spreading, the birthmark can not be wet 4 hours. If the birthmark is very large, then in the first stages you can smear twice - in the morning and in the evening.

Shipping and payment

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How can I pay for the ointment?

There are several payment options.

1. Western Union money transfer system;
2. Through the Bank Privat24;
3. Bank card payment system (LiqPay)
4. Crypto currency bitcoin;

What are your delivery methods?

We deliver the goods by EMS International Delivery Service.

What are the delivery times?

From the moment you order an ointment and confirm the order, the delivery takes approximately 7-14 days.


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I have my own website, can I be a partner and receive sales commission?

Having your own website on the Internet you can place on it a banner or an article with a referential link that you will receive after registering with the affiliate program. Remuneration for the purchase of goods through an affiliate link from 5% to 10%.
On this page, you can apply for registration as a Partner or a Dealer
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Is there a discount for the re-purchase of Stefalin's ointment?

Discount for the re-acquisition of Stefalin ointments is 10% (Provided: leave feedback on the removal of the birthmark and attach your photo. The review will be posted on the site). To receive a discount, you need to: make an order and on the order page in the 'Additional information' field, specify any data of your previous order, it can be: e-mail address, order number, first and last name, phone number.

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Through which payment systems do you pay commissions?

Payment is made through the payment systems WebMoney, LiqPay, QIWI. In the partner's office you will see information on how to apply for withdrawal of funds.

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How to choose a currency?

At the top of the site, select the currency you intend to pay for the order.

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Larisa, Stefalin manager

Larisa, Stefalin manager

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