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The doctor of traditional medicine Svetoslav Negrich
 Record for consultation to the doctor Negrich Svyatoslav Grigor'evich Make a request

That treats the doctor Negrich?

  •  cirrhosis of the liver
  •  diabetes
  •  hemorrhoids, bowel
  •  cholecystitis, pancreatitis
  •  leukemia, blood poisoning
  •  brain tumor
  •  inflammation of the lymph nodes
  •  Thyroid inflammation
  •  cutaneous disease, psoriasis, eczema
  •  venereal: trichomonas, gonorrhea
  •  papillomas, sebaceous cysts
  •  birthmarks, warts, talc
  •  ischemia, arrhythmia, heart disease
  •  rehabilitation after stroke
  •  fibroids, fibroids, cysts, breast
  •  cancers of varying complexity
 Record for consultation to the doctor Negrich Svyatoslav Grigor'evich Make a request

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 Record for consultation to the doctor Negrich Svyatoslav Grigor'evich Make a request

The doctor of traditional medicine Svyatoslav Negrich

I was born in the Carpathians, in 1939, the son of a clergyman. My great-grandfather on his mother's side, Paul Petrovich Sapovich was not only a preacher of God's Word, but also well-known in the Hutsul healer.

As a youth, I drew the military profession. But I was not destined to become. On the draft board doctors were surprised that at such a young age, I had already three serious diseases. Then doctors said that I live is not long for my parents, it was grief. My father took me to different hospitals, but traditional medicine has failed to help me.

Good people have recommended my parents to seek help from a well-known doctor in the Lviv Ivan Grigorievich traditional medicine Gavronsky. Without exaggeration - my life is barely alive in the body. Healer within a few months of intensive treatment folk remedies put me on my feet.

And now I can not say why Ivan G. offered to me then to become his disciple, a follower of - after many secrets and mysteries of infusions, decoctions, fees, ointments, ID transmitted, as a rule, only by inheritance, or those who can bear fruit in the form of a healthy body and soul.

Not for decades to learn the secrets of people's natural means of treatment (including my great-grandfather), many of the programs and treatments developed independently. I am sincerely glad that has helped thousands of people recover from serious ailments, improve your health. Unfortunately, not everyone who turned to me for help, was able to alleviate the suffering. Bitterly aware of this, but deceive not my rules. I - not the Lord God, to whom all the power of.

At the reception of patients ask me how, where, when and how much and what procure herbs, flowers, roots, etc., to have their own 'people's pharmacy,' as cook simple medicinal infusions, decoctions from certain diseases as well and what foods to eat and so on. Shred your knowledge I would like to convey to people, but experience has shown that practically deepen unity in this knowledge and spend years trying to replenish its popular pharmacy. It's usually people who believe in the true treatments - pure air, sunlight, temperance in all things, rest, proper nutrition and exercise, the power of God.

Many patients simply wish that I appointed them a treatment program, an appropriate herbs or tinctures and thus be treated according to my program and recommendations. Sure it's easier. After all, a person needs to solve the problem as soon as possible.

I understand and regret look at those people who are forced to look for thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions for themselves or their relatives. Yes, today medicine (effective medicine) - is expensive. Not everyone can afford to have surgery for 40-60 thousand dollars, but I was pleased with the fact that not one ten patients I was able to help cure serious diseases (including cancer) rather -. For a penny.

The conviction on their own experience

Treatment of diseases with herbs was very surprising for me, as I mentioned earlier, that in this way the doctor Gavronsky cured my body against such illnesses: veins of the left spermatic cord, glomerulonephritis, kidney and liver cirrhosis. Today modern medicine is trying to treat the pills, but I manage to cure it without the use of chemicals, pharmaceuticals.

Medicinal herbs

Our edges are rich in medicinal herbs and I annually replenish their stocks from different parts of our Country. Individual components I order from other regions and even countries. Years of experience enables us not only to know what herbs to use in a given formulation, and the right to control the collection, drying and storage. It is so very important for the effective conservation of the valuable substances in herbs and roots.

The doctor of traditional medicine Svetoslav Negrich
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